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How to Increase Earning with Adsense in 2014

If you are receiving a very good amount of traffic on your websites, and still you are not making a very good money with Google Adsense then let me remind you that you might be making some silly mistakes which could be the reason why you are not generating a smart income with Adsense. Throughout this article, I’m pointing out some of the mistakes you might be making which you must avoid to increase the potential with Google Adsense. There will also be some suggestions which could help you to increase your revenue if you are not already implementing them.


Adsense works perfect for those who are using it wisely and correctly. If you are not using it in a perfect way then let me remind you again that making money with Adsense will still be a big dream for you. However, don’t worry, I’m here to help you out regarding this very small issue. After reading and implementing the tips given on this page, you’ll see a dramatic increment in your revenue with Google Adsense.

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How does Adsense work?

Let’s first talk about the Algorithm that Adsense uses to deliver Ads on the publishers’ websites. Adsense actually works like a search engine which first trace the visitor who is looking for a piece of information on the internet, after detecting the interest of the user, Adsense tries to show the best relevant ads to that user which may get their attention in a very natural way.

So the best practice before inserting Adsense ads into pages is; you must create a great content which can be useful for the users as well as Adsense crawler, a kind of content for which people are searching the web. Moreover, writing long articles or posts will increase the chances for getting the relevant & high paying adsense that match the user query, so in this case the revenue will grow automatically and rapidly.

How to Increase earning with Adsense?

Now let us come to the point which is the optimization of Adsense ads, we can increase Adsense earning by implementing new strategies on monthly basis or on weekly basis. However, the best working strategies are that you get from your own experiments. Let me give you some insights that for increasing your Adsense earning you must consider four important factors i.e the CTR (Click Through Rate), the CPC (Cost Per Click), the size & ad types and getting relevant and high paying ads for your website. And here is how to do each of tasks.

How to Increase Adsense CTR?

Since Adsense is a PPC (Pay Per Click) program which pays you for valid clicks done by the visitors. So as a publisher you must know about the CTR which stands for Click Through Rate, that means how many people have visited your website and how many of them have clicked the Ads. So if you want more earning then insert your Ads into appropriate and most important places in your site where people most often go first for example the above fold area. Let me give you the list of the best placements for inserting Adsense ads:

  • At The Header (Right side a 768*90 Ad unit)
  • Below the Post titles (A 300*250 Ad unit)
  • At side bar (A 300 * 600 ad unit)
  • At footer (A link unit of 468*15 or 768*15)

The above mentioned places are the best places on your website which mostly get the first attention of the visitor. However, if you find a more better place for implementing an ad unit there then you use your common sense. Inserting an Ad unit between the post body also boosts your CTR. So the more clicks on the ads means the more revenue.

How to Increase Adsense CPC?

The CPC stands for Cost Per Click, which means the worth of the click, for example; if you got 1o clicks over your ads and the earned amount is being shown $5 dollars in your account, that means the CPC rate was 0.50 cents. However, you can get a CPC rate between 0.01 cent to $20 dollars depending on the keywords you have in your website or the geographical location from where the visitors are coming to your website.

If you are getting a very low CPC rate, that’s mean you are either having very poor content on your site or you are receiving most of your traffic (visitors) from developing countries i.e India, Pakistan, Bangladesh etc.

Here is a list of few suggestions you can make to have a better CPC:

  • Always focus on great keywords that are searched the most
  • Write quality and original content to get the best ads from Adsense
  • Write long articles/posts which have more keywords so Adsense can show more better ads
  • Try to write content for targeting users living in USA, Europe, UK & Canada etc
  • Try to write on topics which gets high paying ads i.e web development, SEO, Make Money etc
  • Try to add the units which are recommended by Google i.e 300*250, 768*90 & so on

If implemented then above suggestions would work as a rocket for you :)

How to Select the Best Ad sizes & Ad types?

Now here is the last thing you may do to make sure you make more money with Google Adsense easily. The ad sizes and types are very important to be correctly implemented, because advertisers are very wise to run their campaigns using the most working ad types & sizes. So you must know which Ad types & sizes are recommended by Google itself, here is the list:

  • Ad size of 300*250 (Works great)
  • Ad size of 768*90 (Works perfect)
  • Ad size of 300*600 (Works like a rocket)
  • Ad size of 468*60 (Works very good)
  • Ad size of 300*300 (Works just fine)
  • Link unit either 468*15 or 768*15 will be awesome too!

The above ad sizes are mostly targeted by advertisers, so you must use them to increase your earning with Adsense, however for Ad types, I’d recommend you to use both Image rich media ads and Text ads. Because sometimes an image banner will work more effectively than an Ad unit having text ad. So make sure you enable both for the ad unit.

Let me know if you have further questions. I’ll be glad to answer you the best answer. Thanks in Advance for sharing this article :)


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