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How to hide list of friends on Facebook

Just log in to your Facebook account. Go to your Facebook profile (click on your Facebook profile name).Now you will see Friends Tab next to the about section.Just click on the friends tab.
Click on the edit option next to Find Friends option.
Clicking on the Edit option would give you two options
a)Edit Sections b) Edit Privacy

edit facebook privacyJust click on Edit privacy.A new Edit privacy pop window would open.
In the pop up window,you would see something like “who can see your friends list“.

facebook edit privacyJust click on the menu (drop down menu) next to it.
Select “ONLY ME” from the menu and and close the pop up window.
That’s it.Now your Facebook friends are not visible to every one on Facebook.
You can even cross check whether the settings were saved or not.Just go to activity log on your Facebook timeline.

facebook activity logJust click on more option..Click on the friends option.
On the top of your Facebook profile page you can see “Who can see friends list”…

facebook activityif you find lock symbol then you have successfully done the job.
How to Hide Mutual Friends on your Facebook Timeline
Want to mask mutual friends on your Facebook timeline?
Facebook doesn’t allow you in keeping your mutual friends secret.As there are no security issues with these ,Facebook find’s no use in hiding mutual friends list.

Conclusion:You can easily block friends list on Facebook from everyone.
You cannot conceal mutual friends on Facebook Timeline.


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