How to enable Nginx FancyIndex on Ubuntu


Until some days ago I never imagined that Nginx was actually built with an index module called fancyindex. It’s not a huge useful module, but if you want to have your index pages with a better look, it is definetly for you.

Nginx FancyIndex allows some customization of the fancy index pages:

  • Custom headers. (local or stored remotely)
  • Custom footers. (local or stored remotely)
  • Use your own CSS style rules.
  • Allow choosing to sort elements by name (default), modification time, or size.

Configuring Nginx FancyIndex

On Ubuntu and Debian you just need to install the package called ‘nginx-extras’.

sudo apt-get install nginx-extras

Add the fancyindex directives to your Nginx virtual host configuration, for example:

location / {  fancyindex on; fancyindex_exact_size off; }

Read more about Nginx FancyIndex:


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