How to Dismiss unwanted Blog on Blogger

Login to your blogger Acccount.If your account has many blog’ then the choose the blog which you want to delete.Click on the blog to visit specific blog’s dashboard.
Now see for the SETTINGS option in dashboard and click on Other Option under Settings.
Three options will be available for you
a)Import Blog
b)Export Blog
c)Delete Blog

delete blogger blog

Click on the delete blog option to delete the blogger blog permanently.
On clicking the delete option a popup window would open.

delete blogger blog
If you want to download this blog and export it to other blog then use the download blog option.
If you dont want the content and delete the blog then choose Delete this Blog ignoring the download blog option.
Now you have successsfuly deleted your blog.
But one point you should know is “Deletion of the blog is not permanent it is temporary“.

Want to Delete Blogspot Blog Forever?

Follow the above mentioned steps (normal deletion of your blog) to remove your blog.
For 90 Days don’t restore or undelete the the blog which you have deleted.
After 90 days your blog will be deleted permanently.
So for a blog on to get deleted permanently you have to wait for 90 Days.

How to Restore your Blog on Blogger which your have deleted?

Restoring a blog before 90 days of deletion is very simple.Click on the Deleted Blogs option in the Blogger Dashboard and click on undelete option.
That’s it.Blogger Blog which you have deleted would be restored automatically.

Hope this article helps you in Deleting a blog on Blogspot Platform.

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