How to Disguise Your WordPress Site As a Normal Website?

Given the increasing popularity of WordPress and the continuously rising number of websites running the WordPress platform there is a increase in attack on such sites. There are various measures that one can implement such as changing the default admin username and having a strong password. You can also install various security plugins like the Better WP security for increased protection. In Disguise However, it would still be possible for a visitor to make that you site runs WordPress. But you can easily disguise your site by following these simple steps to prevent making it obvious that your site is based on WordPress.

  1. Rename the default Wp-admin folder to any other folder:

Anyone can use the wp-admin string to find out that your site is on WordPress. In order to prevent that you can replace the default Wp-admin to any your-new-folder. You just need to edit some files in WordPress and rename some css files from wp-admin/css/ to your-new-folder.css also Wp-admin folder to your-new-folder folder. You can use the following commands to make the changes:

cd /home/username/public_html (Path wordpress)

find -type f -exec replace ‘wp-admin’ ‘new-folder-name’ — {} ;

cd wp-admin/css

ll | grep wp-admin

mv wp-admin.css new-folder-name.css


mv wp-admin-rtl.css new-folder-name-rtl.css


cd ../../

mv wp-admin new-folder-name

Now your default WordPress Admin URL would be instead of the with same login details.

  1. You need to remove all the additional features that are present on a normal WP site like the archives, sidebar widgets and the recent posts/comments section. Basically it would not have any WordPress specific features.
  2. Another important thing is the template or theme that you use on your website. You should have a single column template instead of the normal two or three.
  3. Make pages instead of posts for adding content and use permalinks to have a custom structure and set it to %postname%. So the URL of any page would be relevant to the title of the post.
  4. You make use of various plugins like PageMash to make thing easier for you. Using this plugin you can manage and sort your pages with ease. This is great tool for re- arranging your page menus by a simple drag and drop function.

By utilizing the above tips you can easily make your WordPress site look like a normal website and avoid any security issues. In addition you should also have WordPress web hosting which would suit your website and allow your WP site to perform better.

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