How to disable AT&T address book

If you found annoying the AT&T Address Book popup when you use Contacts then this tutorial is for you.

How to get rid of the AT&T address book popup

1Call Method
Somebody says that dialing at *#*#2666#*#* and setting Registration to Completed, disables the AT&T address book popup.

2Root Method
This method is effective only if you are able to root your device.

Step 1: Make sure that your device is rooted, if not then try searching on our site How to root your device.

Step 2: Find a root explorer app, use ES File Explorer or search on Google Store for other better file explorers.

Step 3: Enable the root directory. In ES File Explorer go to Menu > Settings, check Up to Root then below check Root Explorer. Accept any Superuser requests.

Step 4: Head to: system/csc/feature.xml and find the line in which states: <CscFeature_Contact_EnableAAB>true

Step 5: Change the true state to false, then Save the file and reboot your device.

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