How to Create Static Pages in Blogger Blog

Blogger is one advanced platform that provides you some handsome features and we already published a number of posts about it but now today we are going to discuss something about blogger static pages. You know that pages are very important for every blog or website and help our site readers to read something about our blog. Many newbie’s are don’t understand about them and they also don’t know that how they can easily create static pages in blogger blog, so if you’re looking for this guidance then you’re on right place because here we will going to share each step of this tutorial with fully detail and after reading this post you can easily understand all about blogger static pages.

What are Static Pages?

The first question is that what are static pages and how they can help you to make your website more professional. Static pages displays some specific information of your website and we can’t update them on daily basis. Static pages also contain their specific URL and can’t be categorized in archive or labels list. They also don’t displays on your website homepage because they’re categorized in pages section. You can manually put your pages titles in your blog header or footer section, some examples of static pages are About Us, Contact Us and Privacy Policy, for more detailed information about pages, you can also browse them on our blog and see that how they will appears.

How to Create Static pages in Blogger?

This is very simple and easy process to add static pages in blogger. All you need to do is to simply follow below instructions and add your desired pages in blogger.
Go to Blogger Dashboard>> Pages and click on New Page button.


Now in next step you can add some content to your page, for example you can write its title, add images, write some content and search description description of your page and after making these all changes, simply click on Publish and your page will be published.
Many people’s are worrying about their blog page URL because whenever you’re going to create one new page in blogger then blogger automatically generate its one specific URL and displays it as your page address and you can’t change it latter. So before writing anything in your page, first of all write one unique title that will become your page URL latter on.


We hope above method will help you to create static pages in blogger blog however If you’re faced any problem while creating them or you’ve any other question about this topic then feel free to ask in comment section and share our work with your friends. Don’t forget to subscribe our feeds for getting upcoming tutorials straight to your inbox.

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