How to configure windows 8 firewall

Windows 8 Firewall is a barrier between your computer and the outside world. When a remote computer attempts to access a computer that is protected by a firewall, it is not able to connect and the data that was sent is ignored and discarded and it prevents the outside world from being able to access your computer. The basic Windows 8 Firewall setting includes turning the firewall on and off and allowing a program through it.

Windows 8 allows this tool to filter both inbound and outbound traffic or set rules and exceptions, depending on the type of network to which you’re connected. Windows 8 firewall is turned on by default and much more advanced than previous Windows firewalls and it runs silently in the background as a service. Microsoft Windows Firewall really makes it a very powerful security solution that was once provided only by advanced third-party firewall software.

1.  Press Windows Key + C or you can move your mouse to the top right corner of the screen. Click on Settings option.

firewall-windows 8-1

2. On setting option, Click Control Panel.

firewall-windows 8-2

3. Click System and Security category option.

firewall-windows 8-3

4. Click Windows Firewall from the right pane on system and security option.

firewall-windows 8-4

5. Click Turn Windows Firewall on or off in the left-side column.

firewall-windows 8-5

6. The Customize Settings window, which shows whether the firewall is turned on or turn off for both Private network settings and Public network settings.

firewall-windows 8-6

Allow Programs through Windows Firewall

7. Click Allow an app or feature through Windows Firewall option.

firewall-windows 8-7

8. Find the program with permissions you want changed and select it. The Allowed Apps window contains all the programs that are allowed to go through Windows Firewall. By default, the list is editable.

firewall-windows 8-8

9. Once done, click OK.


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