How to Change user password in Windows 8.1

When you first started using your computer, you may have set a password for your user account. Every user account except Guest can change its password. Making the change doesn’t require any administrator permissions as long as you do not want to change the password of a user account other than your own. In this article we show you how to change the user password.


1. Right-click on Computer icon on Desktop and select Manage option.


2. Computer Management option appear.


You can also open it by type compmgmt.msc command in RUN field.


3. Open Computer Management option, go to “Local Users and Groups -> Users section. In right-side pane double-click on the user account open its properties. change-user-pass3

4. Make sure the user cannot change password option is uncheck.


5. Right click on user and set password option.


6. You can also change user password by Press Ctrl+Alt+Delete option.


7.  You can change your account password easily.



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