How To Change IP Address

Secure your Internet connection with Security KISS Tunnel. We are a leading VPN provider to protect privacy, ensure anonymity and bypass Internet restrictions. We can use security kiss VPN on numerous platforms including windows, Linux, and Mac os. It creates an encrypted terminal and works as an elite proxy. Data, which we send from our computer goes from an encrypted terminal and receiver of the packets only get the server ip address, which we had selected while using security kiss.

Security KISS Tunnel 3 types usingin this software secure your internet connection:

1.Smart & Simple
2.Free For LifeTime
3.Fast & Secure
a free 300MB daily bandwidth limited for free users, SecurityKISS is a very good free VPN for security surfing. install steps following
How To Change IP Address Tricks 2014
2.install and change in “option”
How To Change IP Address Tricks 2014
3.Connect in other IP Address USA, UK (etc..)
How To Change IP Address Tricks 2014


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