How to Add Author Box in Genesis

Author Box is an important part of a blog,it displays a short bio of the writer and an Image of the writer. To Enable Author Box in Genesis,Open your User Profile settings, it can be opened by navigating to WP dashboard > Users >Your Profile,here you will find settings for enabling Author Box in the section “Author Archive Settings”. author box in genesisIf you wish to enable “Author box” on users post and User’s Archives check mark both the options “Enable Author Box on this user’s posts” and “Enable Author Box on this user’s Archives”. Note: The settings aren’t global,it is user specific means if you wish to enable Author Box on every posts in your WordPress blog,you will have to enable the “Author box” in each and every user profile in your WordPress blog. Image in the Author Box: WordPress uses Gravatar to show profile Images,you will have to sign up for gravatar using the same email address you use in your WordPress blog.

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