‘Hidden Folks’ Walkthough: Tips, Hints and Cheats For Finding All The Tricky Figures Like Chickens And Bananas In The Game

Been playing Hidden Folks and need a few hints to help uncover tricky hidden objects like the chicken or banana. We’ve got a complete walkthrough of the game here, with all the cheats you need to finish various Hidden Folks levels.

If you love hidden picture puzzles like the infamous Where’s Waldo, then the new iOS game Hidden Folks will be right up your alley. The new game by indie developer Adriaan de Jongh features a number of intricately drawn animated scenes by illustrator Sylvain Tegroeg. In the scenes, players are tasked with finding several different hidden characters or objects. With each hidden item players are given a tiny hint about where they may find them, but it will still take a great deal of exploration and attention to detail in order to uncover them all. Some of the hidden items are out in the open while others require the player to interact with the picture in some way to discover them. For example, players will find themselves tapping on holes in the ground, seeds, tent flaps and more to change the picture and in some cases reveal a hidden object.

We spent a couple hours with Hidden Folks and found both the art and animation of the game truly compelling as we searched for the Hidden Folks. While the game does a pretty good job of starting you off slow and getting you ready for more challenging levels, for those of you that may find yourself a tiny bit stuck on one challenge or other, we’ve put together a guide of tips tricks and cheats for uncovering all the hidden folks in the game. So far we’ve uncovered everything within the Forest and Farming levels. We’ll continue to add hints for further levels as we unlock them.

Happy Folk Finding!

‘Hidden Folks’ Walkthrough: Tips, Tricks and Cheats For Finding All The Hidden Folks

Forest Levels

hidden folks walkthrough game tips cheats guide chicken banana where to find iOS steam forest levels Check out our complete walkthrough for finding all the Farming level "Hidden Folks."

“Monkeyland” (Forest 1) Cheats Walkthrough

  • Explorer Garland – Behind tree
  • Big snake – tap on bushes’ leaves. He is hiding behind one.
  • Kiki the Monkey – tap on dark spot in tree. He will fall out.
  • White banana – tap the bunch of bananas. One will fall out.

“The Jungle” (Forest 2) Cheats Walkthrough

  • Man in Distress – middle of the picture, floating on a log
  • Classy Jessy – Lower left-hand corner of the picture, lying on a platform on top of the trees.
  • Woman playing guitar – Campsite near middle of picture, woman sits in front of a tent.
  • Omno – In the upper right-hand corner, there is a rickety bridge. Omno is crossing it.
  • Whhhhooooo – upper left-hand corner. Tap on all the trees. One of them will cause two little monkeys to jump out. One of them is whhhhoooo.
  • Panda – upper right-hand corner there is a forest of bamboo. Chop the bamboo to find the panda.
  • King Kiki – In the upper right-hand corner of the picture there is a gathering of monkeys – one is jumping on a stump. There is a bush there. Tap it to find King Kiki.
  • Eggs – Go to the far left-hand side of the river in the middle of the picture. Find the flamingos. The eggs are in a basket nearby.
  • Chicken – To the far right just below the river, there is a clearing with a woman jumping on a stump. There are several snakes here. One is crawling through the middle and has a big bump in his belly. Tap it, and out comes the chicken.
  • Reptile – upper right-hand corner near the campfire.
  • Bird enthusiast
  • Shaman – Lower left-hand corner. There is a waterfall. Tap it to find the Shaman.

“Let’s Take a Walk” (Forest 3) Cheats Walkthrough

  • Tap the tree branches blocking the path
  • Tap on the cord with a weight attached to bring down the bridge
  • Tap on the two sets of birds to clear them from the path.
  • Clear the bamboo from the path
  • Pull down on the weight to lower the plank bridge.

“Bring a Tent” (Forest 4) Cheats/Walkthrough

  • Guitar – leaning against a tree
  • Aiden – Clear away the brush to reveal Aiden
  • Ella – Roll back the tent flap to find her
  • Hairbrush – tap on the left-hand side X on the ground to find the hairbrush

“The Campground” (Forest 5) Cheats/Walkthrough

  • Beekeeper Barry – in the middle to the far left, there is a group of bee keeper boxes. Barry is to the lower left of the beekeeper boxes.
  • Mai – in the upper right-hand corner of the picture, you’ll see a bunch of picnic tables. Mai is nearby in the middle of a bunch of butterflies.
  • Lumberjack Fleck – at the top of the picture in the middle, you’ll find a bunch of cut wood. The Lumberjack is in front of theone standing tree.
  • Classy Jessy – in the middle, to the far right you will see a group of ladies sun bathing. Tap on the umbrellas until you find Jessy beneath one.
  • Pika – in the middle of the picture, just under the lumberjack spot there are a ton of tents set up. Find a sign with a Wi-Fi signal on it. Pika is in one of the tents there. You may have to roll back a tent flap to find him.
  • Monster Mo – in the upper left-hand corner of the picture is a forest with a few hills. Tap on the hills to reveal a cave where Monster Mo is hidden.
  • Banana – in the lower right-hand corner of the picture there is an RV campground. In front of one of the RVs there’s a tide up dog, a camping chair and a couple of round things on the ground. Tap the round bin thing and the banana is in it.
  • Truffle – toward the middle of the picture there are a bunch of tents set up. Look to the lower left of those tents and you’ll see a group of three hogs hanging out. There is a patch of bush near them. Cut it down to reveal an X in the ground. Tap the X to reveal the truffle.
  • Black Bitty – in the upper right-hand corner of the picture there are a bunch of picnic tables. All around you’ll see bunny holes. Tap on the holes till a black on pops out. You may have to tap on some of the holes more than once. I found him in a hole near the fence but it took two or three taps.
  • Ivan – In the bottom middle of photo there is a car near the river that is pulling a platform. Tap on the roof of the car to reveal Ivan.
  • Rafaelo -
  • Spider – in the lower left-hand corner there is a pair of trees with a spider web between. Tap on it to reveal the spider.


hidden folks walkthrough game tips cheats guide chicken banana where to find iOS steam farming levels Finding all the hidden items in the Farming levels of Hidden Folks can be tricky! Check out our complete walkthrough to uncover them all.

“Wyatt Farm” (Farming 1) Cheats/Walkthrough

  • Farmer Wyatt –sitting in front of his seeds
  • Pitchfork – tap on the rolls of hay. When one of them rolls away it will reveal the pitchfork.
  • Rare Flower – find the water hose attached to the truck. Tap on the planter rows inside the fence to water. Keep watering till all the flowers have grown. One of them will be the rare flower.

“More Farming” (Farming 2) Cheats/Walkthrough

  • Forrester Awan – in the lower left-hand corner of the picture, just above the apple orchard, there is a clearing with a bunch of cut lumber. In the middle of them is a totem pole with Forrester Awan in front.
  • Newton – in the lower left-hand corner of the picture, there is an apple orchard. Newton is sitting under one. Tap on all the apples in the trees till one of them falls on Newton’s head, then tap on Newton to reveal him.
  • Harry – in the upper left-hand corner of the picture you’ll see some animal pens. One of them is completely empty and Harry is there.
  • Needle – Just below the wheat field there are a bunch of hay rolls. Move them around till you see Needle in the middle of them.
  • Rotting Fish – in the middle of the picture, you’ll find a couple RVs set up selling food. There is a tractor with fish on the back. In front of it is a hay bale. Tap the hay bale to move it a reveal the rotting fish.
  • Fake Bull Barney – Find the cow pen in the upper middle of the picture. Barney is in there.
  • High Hat Scarecrow – in the lower right-hand corner of the picture you’ll see two silos next to each other and a truck with a hose. Tap on the hose to water the seeds. Then tap the seeds to make them grow. High Hat will appear among them.
  • Chicken Chuck – just above the chicken pen is a group of trees and a log seat. Chuck is hiding behind the log and bush.

“Let’s Get Lost” (Farming 3) Cheats/Walkthrough

More coming soon! Stay tuned!


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