'Hearthstone: Journey To Un'Goro' Will Have At Least 23 Legendaries, Say Developers

Ten-foot dragonflies buzz by your head as you climb over a rotting dinosaur corpse. Wind and fire elementals can be seen in the distance, feeding off the energy of the land. You aren’t in Jurassic Park, you are in Un’Goro, the location of Hearthstone’s next expansion.

Monday’s reveal of the Journey To Un’Goro set has fans wanting to know what’s coming up in Blizzard’s card game. A few new details have started to trickle out after the initial release, straight from the developers.

Yong Woo, Hearthstone’s lead game designer, tweeted that each class will get two Legendaries: one minion and one quest. This is the first set that’s ever had two Legendaries for each class, finally starting to see a bit more of that power creep /s.

Dinosaur Houndmaster Dinosaur Houndmaster, calling it now

We also got another big piece of information out of Yong Woo. Quests will start in the opening player’s hand and can be mulliganed away if you realize you are playing against Aggro and can’t realistically play seven Deathrattle minions. Also, Quests cannot be Discovered or obtained randomly, which means you don’t have to worry with your opponent using a Raven Idol followed by an easy Quest.

Peter Whalen, Hearthstone game designer, said there will be five neutral Legendaries, a much lower number than other expansions. It feels like the HS game designers don’t want to overload the set with too many powerful Legendary cards, which seems completely reasonable. As long as they give me a baby King Krush , I’ll be a happy dinosaur camper. With each of the nine classes getting two Legendaries and there being five neutrals, that means we are getting 23 Legendaries, which is a pretty big number

gentle big dinosaur Gentle Big Dinosaur

On top of all of this information, a new card from the Journey To Un’Goro was found on a Taiwanese site. Gentle Big Dinosaur is is a 4-mana 5/4 neutral minion with a Battlecry that gives Adapt to your Murlocs. It’s unclear if it Adapts every Murloc on your board or just one, but either way that’s still a good card. Giving a Bluegill Warrior a few extra attack and trading well with a strong minion could swing the game in your favor.

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