‘Hearthstone’ Blood Magic Tavern Brawl Guide: Decklists to Turn Your Health Into Wins

This week’s Hearthstone Tavern Brawl is called Blood Magic, where your spells cost health instead of mana. Do damage to yourself and inflict pain on your opponent; now every class is Shaman. Winning in this Brawl isn’t hard if you have luck on your side. You can play any deck and hope you get a super powerful spell early in the game. Use Hunter, and cross your fingers that Call Of The Wild is in your starting hand.

There are some cards that are just too amazing and combo perfectly with the Blood Magic Tavern Brawl:

Violet Illusionist: You are immune to damage during your own turn. That means, you can cast as many spells as you want, with no health loss. This combo with other Mage cards, like Fireball or Ice Lance, is just straight over powered. You still need the health to cast these spells, so you can’t combo with only one health left. Most games are over before turn four because of this girl.

blood magic Blood Magic, Hearthstone’s Tavern Brawl

Violet Teacher: Every time you cast a spell, you get a 1/1 minion. You can cast as many spells as you want as long as you have the health – mana is no longer an issue. That means, on turn four, you can have a full army of death waiting for your opponent. With a board that full, the only thing that can stop you is a Ravaging Ghoul or Whirlwind .

Lay On Hands: It costs eight health and heals for eight, so it’s essentially a free card draw. There’s no downside to getting three extra cards in your hand.

Archmage Antonidas: Mage will absolutely dominate this Tavern Brawl. AA allows you to combo your opponent to death. You need at least 20 health and your opponent loses to Fireballs. It’s not as much fun as using a crazy deck like Aggro Shaman, but if you want that free win, this is still your best bet. If you just want a free win, stack your deck with burn spells like Forgotten Torch and this bearded old man.

This is a constructed brawl, which means you are going to have to make a deck for yourself. Like every brawl where I need a deck, I use Secret Paladin, but with a twist. Here’s the decklist I’m currently using.

Avenge x2

Noble Sacrifice x2

Redemption x1

Competitive Spirit x1

Secretkeeper x2

Haunted Creeper x2

Shielded Minibot x2

Coghammer x1

Divine Favor x1

Muster For Battle x2

Violet Illusionist x2

Consecration x1

Piloted Shredder x2

Truesilver Champion x1

Sludge Belcher x1

Mysterious Challenger x2

Dr. Boom x1

Grimestreet Protector x1

Lay On Hands x2

Ragnaros, The Lightlord x1


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