Google adsense alternatives comparision with statistics.

In this article I am going to compare 4(low and high traffic) Google adsense alternatives with their statisticsThose 4 CPM ad networks are Infolinks, Chitika, Edomz and Yllix.

These networks accept even low traffic websites.

I have used these four Google adsense alternatives in my blog simultaneously. Here I am going to give you my earnings report. By seeing my earnings report, you can easily understand which is the best Google adsense alternative.

Always we may see ads about ad networks that they will give us $2 per CPM and more. But in practical, it will never happened.

Before going to give my statistics report, I should mention that, 90 percent of my blog’s traffic comes from India and USA. Why I am mentioning this? Because some ad networks pay highly for US and Canada traffic. And clicks from these two countries will be paid highly.

Even though these are the CPM ad networks. We will get money only through clicks. We will be paid very little for CPM.


Google adsense alternatives comparision with statistics



It is the top paying ad network for me. Among the four Google adsense alternatives, Infolinks paying highly. Just see below screen shot.

Google adsense alternativesFrom above screen shot you can easily understand that, for 40695 ad views my earning was $12.34.

Best thing about infolinks is, it is text link ad network. That means our visitors will not get disturbed. Whenever cursor moves on to the text link, then only ad will appear.

I strongly recommend infolinks. Even if your blog is new, you can get approval from infolinks. That means there is no traffic requirement.


It is second top paying ad network for me among the 4 Google adsense alternatives. Below screen shot gives my chitika earnings report.


I have got $4.88 for 110773 impressions and 482 clicks. It is less compare to infolinks. though these earning are better compare to below two ad networks.

Chitika gives text link ads. We can insert them in the middle of post. Click from US and Canada will give us high earnings from chitika.

Even new blogs are accepted by chitika. There is no traffic requirement.

I strongly recommend chitika. Because their ads are related to our page content. So we get clicks easily.


Just see below screen shot for my earnings from Edomz.



Even after around 50000 impressions, my earning are not more than $1.

It is banner ad network. It can accept even new blogs. I listened that it pays highly for pop under ads.

Even new blogs are accepted. There is no traffic requirement.

I am not ready to recommend it. But, if you want, you can try it. You might get higher earnings.


It is also CPM banner ad network.


Google adsense alternativesIt is worst performer for my blog.

Even after 89672 impressions my earning is $0.86. That too with 2 conversions. I think it is too bad.

It allows new blogs. There is no traffic requirement.

I don’t recommend it. Even then if you want to try


You can decide what to try. I recommend that you must use infolinks and chitika. Because with these networks, our website appearance will not be changed too much. If you want to place pop under ads in your blog, then go for edomz. Give least preference for edomz and yllix banner ads.

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