Get Paid to Write Articles Online With Elance

Do you know there are sites that will pay you to write articles online? If you have the passion for writing or you think you are good in writing articles, then you’ve just gotten yourself  an online Job.

I have written several articles on how to earn money online, and in most of this articles, I do reiterate the fact you must have a product or service you are promoting before you can make money online. Today I will be telling you about Elance, one of the sites where you can get paid to write articles online.


Elance is a freelancing site where you get paid to offer various services which include writing articles, designing websites, designing banners and lots more. This post will focus more on how you can get paid for writing articles on elance.

To make money writing articles on elance, do the following following:

Register an Elance Account

The first step to writing articles and get paid is to register for an Elance account, click here to register.

On clicking the above the link, you will be redirected to a page that looks the image shown below, and click on ‘I want to  work‘.

Get Paid to Write Articles Online With Elance

You can decide to fast track your sign up by using your Facebook or LinkedIn account, if not use the conventional way by clicking on “Continue”.

Get Paid to Write Articles Online With Elance


On the Registration Page, fill in your profile details and choose “Company” as your account type. In the box that says display Name, ensure to use a name that describes what you are good at i.e. writing articles. You can say “John Content Writer”, “John Content Writing Services” or something similar to that.

Get Paid to Write Articles Online With Elance

Complete you registration details and you will be redirected to the skill page.


Input Your Skills

To make money as a content writer on Elance, ensure you input skills that deals with Article writing and Translation, and they include but not limited to report writing, content writing, business writing, technical writing, resume writing, etc. and click on “I’m finished”.

Get Paid to Write Articles Online With Elance

Get Paid to Write Articles Online With Elance


Select Your Elance Membership Plan

On the new Page, select your Membership plan, I will advice you choose Small Company, it’s just for $20/month, if you think you can afford it, choose the Basic and Free Plan and you will be automatically redirected to your Dashboard where you will have the chance to apply lots of Content writing jobs, but ensure that you complete your Profile is at least %80 complete before you start applying for article writing Jobs.

Get Paid to Write Articles Online With Elance



How To Win Every Article Writing Job You Apply For

  • Ensure You write a comprehensive experience and qualification
  • Write a clean and catchy outline
  • Don’t be too greedy when inputting your Price
  • Make sure your delivery date is within a week unless it’s a long term project
  • Get Lots of Positive Ratings
  • Apply for Only Jobs You think You can Deliver
  • Design a Nice Article Writing proposal and Submit it to any Any Job You are Applying For


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