How to Get High Quality Backlinks in 13 Smart Way [Info-graphics]

Backlink is one of the important factors of Google Ranking If you want to stay at the top of google ,You always need high quality backlinks. Without these high quality backlink you can not increase website traffic and off course you can not make money online.


A recent study by moz shows that you can’t get a high search engine ranking unless you don’t have high quality backlinks. In this post , I am revealing very easy [yet effective ] and smart ways to get a high quality backlinks .All these efforts requires few times with less work .

link building imageAt The end of post ,You will learn –

  1. Easy ways to build authority backlinks for your site.
  2. You will get a PR8 with no cost.
  3. You will get permanent links.
  4. Your traffic will increase automatically.
  5. All these backlinks are free .
  6. You will less time and get high result .
  7. You will not find these techniques over internet .[ I bet.]

Yet You are wondering “How I Can Get High Quality Backlinks?” ,Just keep on reading :

Before we go to main parts ,first let me clear the definition of link building. Here is the definition of backlink building as per moz.

” Link building is the process of acquiring hyperlinks from other websites to your own. A hyperlink (usually just called a link) is a way for users to navigate between pages on the internet.

Search engines use links to crawl the web; they will crawl the links between the individual pages on your website, and they will crawl the links between entire websites.

There are many techniques for building links, and while they vary in difficulty, SEOs tend to agree that link building is one of the hardest parts of their jobs.

Many SEOs spend the majority of their time trying to do it well. For that reason, if you can master the art of building high-quality links, it can truly put you ahead of both other SEOs and your competition.”

In Short and easy language ,Backlinks are the hypertext which tell the niche of your site to search engine . Lets understand it by a little example :

If your site belongs to Blog monetization then Popads review may be your backlinks. it will tell google that your site is releated to ads network which is a part of blog monetization. Here “Popadss Net Review ” is backlinks to my another post

Image Credit -

Image Credit –

So now we are moving main parts .Go slowly but steadily .I bet these techniques will give an easy and smart idea to getting high quality backlinks from authority sites.

1. SEOclerks –

This is my favorite way to increase high quality backlinks for my site .I am using this from the start of my internet carrier . Here I get everything releated to SEO in my budget.

Seoclerks is a marketplace for buying selling service related to seo ,social media marketing ,digital marketing ,link building ,guest posting ,Facebook fan page growth ,twitter follower increasement etc.

You can buy high quality backlinks from seoclerks at very low price as $1 .Seoclerks is far better than fiverr when it compared to price and quality.

Go here to get $5 Bonus at

high qualtiy backlinks from seoclerks

Info graphics [Click to Zoom]

high quality backlinks

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<p><br /></p>

2. High Quality Backlinks from PR8 domain !

Ya ,This is my second source of getting high quality backlinks .You can get a PR8 Dofollow Backlinks from storify. Most improtant this is totally free and you need to spend only 1 minute of your life.

To get a PR8 High Quality Backlinks just follow the steps :

backlink sources

1.Go to and create a free account[If any ad come ,just click on skip ad.]

2. Click 1 and then 2 (in image above)

3. The following screen comes up:

Untapped backlink Sources

4. In Profile enter your website name .

And That’s done! You’ve just gotten a high quality backlinks from PR8 domain.

3. – This is directory submission site and It has Page Rank 5 . To get a high quality backlink from as easy 1-2-3 ,just follow :

4. Press Release – Press Release is a stronger way of building high quality backlinks ,But unfortunately people spam press release site with many spam links in one post[press release ].

Here is how to get quality backlinks from Press Release site :

  1. Go to
  2. This is PR 5 Free Press Release Site.
  3. You will see this screen .Just click at “Start Free”

high quality press release site

4.Enter every details to register.

press release submission sites

5. Submit a press release like this and you are done,

press release example

Here are some more sites for press release :

Press Release Sites


5. Guest Post –

This is reliable ,old and trusted method to get high quality backlinks .Many webmaster use this tricks regularly from staring of internet marketing.You can get quality backlinks ,traffic and most important , ones can build relationship with other bloggers with guest post.

How to find guest post acceptable site for your niche .

  1. Just go to
  2. search “Your keywords” + “Write for us”
  3. And you will find many high quality website which accept guest posting.

guest post example

4.Alternatively you can also submit your guest post at our site .

But Before submitting your post to these sites must read their guest post guidelines.

After You finish guest post ,just send them as per their guidelines.

Here are 202 PR3 to PR7 guest post sites.

6. Testimonial –

If you are a Internet marketer ,I am sure you are using many service like sumo plugin ,bluehost, aweber ,massplanner or long tail pro etc .

So whats is the next steps ?

You can share your user experience with them as testimonial and request them to provide a link back under your name.

7 of 1o time you will success.Try it and let me know the result.

7. –

Alltop is a blog aggretor site with PR6 . If you have blog of high quality with regular posting than you can high quality backlinks from them.

To get a high qaulity backlinks form alltop just follow the steps

  1. Go to
  2. Sign up with your details.

how to get high quality backlinks

3. Again go to and fill out every details of your site.

high quality backlinks

4.Hit submit and its done.

Now wait for their reply .If everything goes correct than they will submit your blog at their site.

8. Blogging Community –

Blogging community is a place where blogger [like me and you ]share their latest post to increase website traffic and to get high quality backlinks. is the best blogging comuunity .It is PR5 Website .If you want to get high quality backlinks form this site ,just follow the steps :

  1. Visit
  2. Just Sign up .
  3. Click add new and share.share at inboud

4. Fill out every details and thats done .You have got a high qualatiy backlinks of PA 5 for free.

9. Make Network with other bloggers –

If you seriously want to success in Internet Marketing ,You need to make a relationship with fellow bloggers.

You can join them at Facebook Groups, Linkeding Groups and Google Plus Community .Just make good relation with helping them .

Later you may ask a link exchange from them .There are no internet marketer who success without networking .

Note- If you want to join my PBN [Private Blog Network] ,Just mail me at admin {at}

10. Buy Expired Domain –

You can also buy expired domain at GOdaday and flippa which have high quality backlinks .Once you have bought just redirect it to your site.

Just in couples of month you will boost your ranking with expired domain.

11. Audio Sharing Sites

These type of sites are great for getting some authority backlinks, and are used by very few marketers. Just record anything, doesn’t matter and upload it, for your very own free link back to your site. Here are 2 best audio sharing site.

12. Tutorial Sites

Not only can a tutorial site, get you a great link, but it can also get you a ton of free traffic back to your blog. You can write tutorials about virtually anything, popular topics are graphic design, SEO, internet marketing & programming.

Here are some good tutorials site:

13. Link Directory –

I have already written about link directory in my popular post ” Get 100 Quality Backlinks in Just 1 hours.” Here it once again.

Google has deindexed some free directory but still in 2016 link directory works well .So just go in these link directory and submit your site .
1. R-TT Directory
2. Ranking Directory
3.Directory World
4.Net Insert
5.All The Websites

Wrap Up –

Getting high quality backlinks is not a difficult task .You need to be regular and try to make a different campaign for your link building strategy .

Once you have get some authority backlinks ,You will also get a boost in your SERP, Your website traffic will increase .In other words you will get more sales and revenue.


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