After all the slappage that we as marketers have faced in the end of 2014 by Facebook there’s never been a better time to take a look back at PPV traffic. There’s a measurable new interest in the always popular PPV networks and there’s some new players coming on the scene.

A buddy of mine that was high up in Traffic Vance is now involved in a new start up PPV network and I’ll have more details on that soon. So if you’re looking for life after Facebook, revisit Pay Per View.

When you go to build your PPV campaigns there’s one tool that you won’t be able to do without. The infamous URL Scraper. This tool scrapes the Google paid and organic listings for URLs to be used as targets in your paid traffic campaign.

By a margin of 10 to 1, the “Search Scraper” inside of AEA Tools is by far the most utilized tool and now we have released a Free Desktop version of our Search Scraper for PC (sorry Mac users).

Download it here…

So download it, install it, register your copy (free) and start pulling lists of URLs for your next PPV campaign.

This software comes with 100% unrestricted redistribution rights so feel free to give it away as a lead magnet for your own lead generation campaigns.

If you are interested in your own personalized compiled version of the Free URL Scraper with your own branding and lead capture system, LEAVE A COMMENT below and I’ll contact you directly with the details.

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