Microsoft pour faire une pause toutes les fenêtres 10 construit au vu du nouveau système de mise à jour de Windows


L'équipe de la fenêtre a annoncé qu'ils vont faire une pause toutes les fenêtres 10 construit pour commencer à libérer PC construit à l'aide de Insiders UUP. Selon l'équipe, ils vont commencer à libérer les dernières versions via UUP en commençant par leurs anneaux internes d'abord, then to Insiders based on each ring’s promotion criteria. The team also mentions that the mobile builds are not impacted by this.

UUP or Unified Update Platform was announced in the last month, C’est à dire. en novembre. It is the latest platform from Microsoft that will create a universal experience for its users across all platforms. UUP can work across PCs, comprimés, téléphones, ITO, et HoloLens.

Improvements included in the Build 14977

Windows 10 s’appuie

The announcement of pausing Windows 10 builds has come along with the announcement of Windows 10 Construction de prévision d’initiés 14977 pour Mobile. This preview build was not released for PC due to a blocking bug.

One of the major improvements that come with Build 14977 is that the readers can read EPUB books in Microsoft Edge on their phones. This feature was already available on PC with Microsoft Edge. Readers can even customize their reading experience by changing the font and text size. D’ailleurs, they can also choose between 3 thèmes, C’est à dire. lumière, sepia, and dark.



En dehors de cela, Construire 14977 has several other improvements. Microsoft’s team has changed the rendering technology used for many types of UWP app content. If users are using 3rd party alarm apps, the alarms by those will now break through Cortana’s Quiet Hours.

The Windows team has enabled OAuth support for Yahoo Mail accounts. Ceci améliorera la fiabilité de la synchronisation de ces comptes, and provide a secure experience while browsing your email. The Build 14977 has successfully resolved the issue were certain music apps were stopping suddenly while playing songs. Issues such as the Start Settings page wasn’t rendering when opened on external screen while using Continuum, are also resolved in this new build. The team has fixed an issue Insiders may have experienced where the Camera app might not appear after using the hardware camera button while the screen was off or while on the Glance screen.

En même temps, the Windows team mentions the known mobile issues where they discourage users from installing new languages, claviers, and speech packs on your phone. There is a chance these downloads may get stuck and not finish downloading.

You can know more about the latest Windows 10 builds on Articles de Windows.


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