How to find all hidden files recursively on Linux


Sometimes you need to find hidden files on certain directories inside your pc or servers, so… here are some fast tips to do it. It’s an easy process, it takes 1 minute and []’t not require root privileges. At the end you will also bea ble to save the results of the hidden files found on a txt [].

Note: on all examples, replace /your/directory/ with your real path, it could be $ HOME to search all over your home directory, or another directory inside that place.
Syntax #1 using print

Command to Recursively list all the hidden files and directories on Linux

find /your/directory/ -name ".*" -print

Syntax #2 with ls

find /your/directory/-name ".*" -ls

Command to Recursively search only hidden files or directories

Search hidden files only

find /your/directory/ -type f -iname ".*" -ls

Search hidden directories only

find /your/directory/ -type d -iname ".*" -ls

Working example:

 []find /home -name ".*" -print /home/user1/.bash_logout /home/user1/.bashrc /home/user1/.bash_profile /home/user2/.config /home/user2/.bash_history /home/user2/.bash_logout /home/user2/.bashrc /home/user2/.bash_profile /home/user2/.pki /home/user2/.mysql_history /home/user3/.bash_logout /home/user3/.bashrc /home/user3/.bash_profile

Finally, save the results into a txt file

Open a new terminal/shell on your Linux box and type:

find $ HOME/ -name ".*" -ls > example.txt

To view the saved content type:

cat example.txt

If you know other ways to find hidden files recursively on Linux please share it with us.


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