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Asenna Firefox 55 Ubuntu käyttää Terminal

Mozilla Firefox 55 julkaistu. Voit asentaa Firefox Ubuntu käyttää terminal. Ubuntu, käyttäjät voivat asentaa Firefox kautta apt-get-komennon. Mozilla Firefox 55 is released with WebVR support making Firefox the first Windows desktop browser to support VR experiences. Other performance changes include significantly

GNOME Web 3.26 Lisää Firefox Sync-tuen

Firefox Sync tuki on GNOME Web otsikko-ominaisuus 3.26, määrä ilmestyä myöhemmin. Selvitimme maaliskuussa että kehittäjät suunnittelivat Anna loppiainen/Web käyttäjien synkronoida heidän tabs, bookmarks and browser history between devices using Mozilla’s liberally licensed sync API.

Mozilla Firefox 55 Julkaistu WebVR-tuki

Mozilla Firefox 55.0 julkaistiin aiemmin tänään. Uusi julkaisu on WebVR tukea, kiinnitin alku aika, päivitetty osoiteriville ja lisää. Firefox 55.0 julkaisun Kohokohdat: Windows tukee WebVR. Halutessasi ottaa laitteiston VP9 kiihdytyksen Windows 10 Anniversary Edition. Significantly faster startup times when restoring

Miten lopettaa GIF lastaus kotona ampua

We love GIFs, everyone does. They’re a great way to react to just about everything. If you ever find a particularly active thread on Twitter it will be rife with GIFs. They’re so popular that dedicated keyboards like Giphy keyboard exist so you can easily search

Kuinka jotta yökuvaus Firefox iOS

Browsers are some of the most frequently used apps on smartphones. They’re second only to social media apps and most popular social media apps have their own built-in browser. The built-in browsers make sure users don’t switch apps just to view external links. Tietysti, nämä…

Miten Avaa linkit VLC Player valikosta Firefox

You can listen to podcasts and watch YouTube videos in VLC player. Unlike most media players that focus on playing content from your local drive, VLC player can stream online content as well. If the media player for an online stream or an online video is

Miten yhdistää kaikki Firefox-ikkunat yhdeksi

It’s hard to imagine life without tabbed browsing. Before Chrome and Firefox made tabbed browsing a mainstream feature, users had to open multiple windows. This not only took a huge toll on system resources but the many windows were hard to manage. With tabbed browsing, käyttäjät…

PrintFriendly ja PDF Microsoft Edge

PrintFriendly ja PDF on uusi selaimen laajennus Microsoft Edge, joka optimoi web-sivujen tulostaminen tai PDF luominen. Kun Microsoft ilmoitti laajennus tuki sen reuna selaimen, hopes were high that this would give the browser a much needed boost to close the productivity

Miten Torkku välilehtiä Firefox

Mozilla develops experimental features for Firefox. A user running the stable version of Firefox can test these experimental features out by installing the Test Pilot add-on. A new experimental feature called Snooze tabs has been added via the Test Pilot add-on and it lets you postpone