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Shotcut Is A Windows Movie Maker Alternative

  Microsoft has deprecated Windows Movie Maker officially earlier this year. If you have a new machine or reinstalled Windows from scratch, chances are there isn’t a free video editor that you can get from Microsoft, unless you have upgraded your Windows 10 to the latest

How To Quickly Print Without Opening In Excel

  Quick Print In Excel Should you need to quickly print the contents of a workbook without opening the workbook yourself manually, you can absolutely do this! Follow the steps below to learn how: Use the Explorer, My Computer or any Open dialog box to locate

Why You Need To Disable SMB1 NOW!

  What is SMB1 Server Message Block (SMB) is a local network file sharing protocol designed for sharing data, tulostimet, jne. between computers. SMBv1 is the formative iteration of the protocol which has since been replaced by SMBv2 and SMBv3. Kuitenkin, SMB1 is still enabled by

Prevent Installing Extensions In Edge In Windows 10

  It’s been over a year since Microsoft Edge browser for Windows 10 started supporting extensions. Users can install extensions for Edge from Windows Store. Edge barely has a couple of dozens of extensions compared to thousands available for third-party web browsers. Extensions enhance the functionality

What Is Windows 10 Signature Edition?

  A user recently asked if there is a new edition called Windows 10 Signature and if yes, how different it is from the regular Windows 10 versiot. Most PC users are familiar with Windows 10 S, Etusivu, Professional and Enterprise editions. But what is Windows

Mute Microsoft Edge Tabs With A Click Now

  The inability mute audio playing tab was one of the main missing features of Edge browser. Microsoft partially addressed this issue by adding a way to mute Edge tabs with the Fall Creators Update for Windows 10. Windowsissa 10 Kuuluvat tekijät päivitys, voimme…

Muisti Cleaner Windowsille

  Windows hallitsee muistin käyttö varsin tehokkaasti ilman käyttäjän puuttua mutta voi vielä olla jonkin verran jäljellä parantamiseksi. Ja siksi monet Viritys apuohjelmat siellä vielä tehdä vaihtoehtoja puhdistaa RAM tehdä tietokoneen…

Tarkastele ja muokkaa näytöt Asetusten ControlMyMonitor

  ControlMyMonitor on ilmainen kannettava työkalu NirSoftilta, jonka avulla voit tarkastella ja muokata asetuksista monitorit, kuten kirkkaus, kontrasti, terävyys, punainen / vihreä / sininen väri tasapainoa, väri esiasetukset, jne. Se toimii missä tahansa Windows-versio, Windows Vista ja aina…