Month: Huhtikuuta 2016

Microsoft lisää Xamarin etuja Visual Studio Enterprise tilaajille

Microsoft today announced that Visual Studio Professional and Enterprise include Xamarin’s professional and enterprise features at no additional cost. And existing and new Visual Studio Enterprise subscribers will have access to Xamarin’s advanced enterprise capabilities for free and a discounted access to Xamarin Test Cloud. Xamarin

Rakentaa 2016: Tuo iOS-emulaattori Windows Xamarin

Build 2016, Microsoft announced that the company is bringing an iOS emulator in Xamarin for Windows. Niille tunne, Xamarin is a tool which developers can use to build cross-platform apps with C# that run on Windows, iOS ja Android. At the conference, Xamarin showed

4 Epäsuora tapoja parantaa haku rankingissa

I know you want it… More organic search traffic. Who doesn’t want free, high quality traffic, that comes in month after month? That’s why SEO is such a big deal and one of the main topics I focus on—here, on Quick Sprout. I believe that most

Microsoft tuo Android ilmoitukset Windows 10

Notifications from your Android phone will soon appear on your Windows 10 PC, thanks to a new feature, announced at Build 2016, that Microsoft is planning to bring to both platforms in the near future. Getting notifications to appear in Windows 10's notification center will be

Razer terä Stealth Review: Valioluokan ultrabook

“For Gamers. By Gamers” has long been the tagline for San Diego-based Razer. Diverging from its usual modus operandi however, the company has introduced its first ultrabook, the Razer Blade Stealth. Tietueen, this is not a gaming machine out of the box. Pikemminkin, Razer…

Linux komentoriviä ja Bash shell on tulossa Windows 10

Microsoft on sitoutunut tekemään Windows kehittäjä kokemus paremmin kuin koskaan, which is why they're bringing the popular Bash shell, rinnalla koko linux komento ympäristössä, Windows 10 tulevassa Anniversary Update. Kehittäjät ovat voineet käyttää linux komento kuoret kuten Bash…