Facebook Tips and Tricks That You Should Know

Facebook is worlds largest and Most popular Social Networking sites and Facebook Tips and Tricks makes cool users experience at Facebook. This post, you will go through the some cool FB tips and Tricks that you can use at your Facebook Profile. There are so many FB tips to make your profile smart and your Facebook experience enlightening. Here I have mentioned most popular Facebook Tips and Tricks.

Today, almost all generation are using Facebook and being online for sharing personal life, connect with friends and families. It is like addiction. But most of them are not aware of such cool Facebook Tips and Apps that Facebook will provide. Here I have mentioned such type of tips that will make most out of your Facebook experience. Such Facebook Tips and Tricks are known to few one hence it will highlight your profile in front of your friends.

Facebook Tips and Tricks

Most Popular Facebook Tips and Tricks

 1. Create Facebook Photo Collage

Facebook Tips - Photo Collage

This application called Facebook Collage will make a trendy photo collage of all your FB photos. You don’t need to use desktop application to make more trouble. It can be installed from this link.

 2. Upload Media directly from Mobile.

If you are using a mobile phone not having features of upload media, this will be helpful to you. Go through this link at Labnol to learn about.

Facebook Tips - Facebook Upload

3. Appear Online to Few Selected Friends Only.

Facebook Chat is the good option to chat with your online friends but when you be online, you are seen to all your online friends and sometimes it will disturb. Hence with few settings you will only be visible to few selected person with whom you are interested to chat anytime.

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Facebook Tips for Chatting

 Step – 1 Go to Chat (Right below at your FB Page) and Click on Friend List.

Step – 2 You can view a small window, where you can make a list of friends.

4. Have Facebook Toolbar in your Browser

To make good Facebook experience and make updated always, it is very good option to have a Facebook Toolbar in your browser which updates you FB activities every time when there is any updates. It is a simple Add on Plugin of Mozilla you should install for it from this link

5. Magic Circle on Facebook

It is simple, I didn’t success in my first try but you can do it as per below trick.

Press Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A, Enter key then press up & down.

If it doesn’t work, try after reloading your browser.

6. Facebook Tips to Auto Poke your Friend

This Facebook Tips makes your Poke to your friend who have poked you hassle free through below Auto Poke Apps.

Facebook Tips Auto poke

Step – 1 Install this Mozzila Add on of Greasemonkey.

Step – 2 Then go to this link and Install, You are done.

7. Facebook Tips to Change Fronts of Status Massage

You are aware that, when we write our status massage, it is in only one simple front, but through this site you can write it in cool text fronts and amazed your friends.

8. Download Facebook Photo Album

Through the FacePad Mozilla Add on, you can download your friends Photo Album, Event Album etc directly.

Facebook Tips - facepad9. Schedule Facebook Massage Aheade of Time

Sendible is a site from where you can manage and schedule your FB massage ahead of time and update to your friends, customers and family members etc.

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Facebook Tips - sendible

10. How to Display Selected Friends Pictures on your Facebook Profile

Its Facebook give you the features to show up the selected Friends Pictures on your Profile. Just hit the pencile button on the box and select your friends whom you want to show up on your profile page. Its very simple.

friend_photos - Facebook Tips

11. How to remove Facebook Advertisements

I have not used it yet but I have refered on some portal about it. There is a script of Greasemonkey (Link) will remove the Advertisements on facebook. You can try it if you are disturbed with FB Ads.

Facebook Tips - remove ads

12. Keep Facebook Chat Open on your Desktop after Closing Browser

Facebook Tips - FB Chat

Gabtastik and digsby will allow you to keep your Facebook Season open even after you have closed your browser. This is very interesting when you don’t need rest of the content and want to chat only with your friends.

Here we have seen so many Popular and interesting Facebook Tips and Tricks. It is requested to share such type of tips if you know about Facebook here through comments.


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