Month: دسامبر 2017

iPhone X Problems And Their Fixes

The iPhone X has been launched about two weeks ago, and as more people get their hands on the hardware, plenty of issues have been discovered with the Apple’s new flagship device. From small issues that can be easily fixed to the bigger ones that will

ویوالدی مرورگر 1.13 Released with Improvements

Vivaldi browser has reached the new stable 1.13 release with improvements to download and tabs functionality. ویوالدی مرورگر 1.13 features: Warning dialog if a download is incomplete Ability to pause and resume downloads Download speed displayed in the progress bar Window Panel and tree-style tabs functionality

How to Install MPV 0.28.0 در اوبونتو 18.04, 16.04

MPV media player reached the 0.28.0 انتشار چند روز پیش. در اینجا چگونه آن را نصب کنید از طریق PPA در اوبونتو 18.04, اوبونتو 16.04. MPV 0.28.0 requires FFmpeg 3.4 and features initial d3d11 and vulkan support. Other changes include: Add DRM_PRIME Format Handling and Display for RockChip

Slowdowngate: اپل در نهایت آنچه در آن باید در تمام طول انجام داده اند

رسوایی در اطراف اپل کم کردن سرعت آیفون های قدیمی تر به مدیریت باتری که به وضوح معیوب به جای یادآوری و جایگزین کردن آنها شده است غرش در مدت یک هفته کماکان, با صحبت از پرونده های حقوقی اقدام کلاس عظیم و حتی اتهامات جنایی, forcing Apple finally to concede that

Apples Issues Updated Statement On Battery Ageing

Following the attention that Apple had gotten over the past few weeks regarding the discovery of mechanisms that reduce CPU frequency on devices with aged batteries, Apple has now issued a more comprehensive statement and apology addressing the matter: First and foremost, we have never —