Month: ژوئن 2017

Review: Acer Aspire VX 15

PC gaming can be frightfully expensive if you get carried away, and that’s easy to do given the industry’s focus on high-end products. Finding well-rounded hardware at more affordable price points is relatively tricky, particularly in the laptop arena, where cost cutting in one area can

How To Customize The LXDE Desktop

The LXDE desktop environment is one of the best Linux desktops to use if you’re on a PC with low resources. اعطا شده, all of the lightweight desktops out there aspire to be good for low-resource machines. با این حال, LXDE is the undisputed king. Why? Unlike other light

How to Install Screenshot Sharing App ‘ScreenCloud’ in Ubuntu

ScreenCloud is an open-source screenshot sharing application consists of a cross-platform client and a sharing website. With plugins, the app also supports uploading to other online services, به عنوان مثال،, FTP server, Imgur, and Dropbox. ScreenCloud Features: Open Source and cross-platform(Windows, مک & Linux) Fast and easy: Snap