Month: آوریل 2017

10 کروم افزونه های بسیار معروف شما باید نصب

من از طرفداران بزرگ از Google Chrome هستم و احساس می کنم آن را فقط به عنوان بسیاری الحاقات کردم فایرفاکس است افزودنیها. من فقط ترجیح می دهند استفاده از Chrome بیش از اینترنت اکسپلورر, لبه و یا فایرفاکس به دلیل استفاده از جیمیل, گوگل عکس, Google Drive and a whole host of other

7 OS X Tips for Windows Users

If you recently purchased a Mac or if you have been required to use a Mac for work, you might be frustrated trying to use OS X if you have been a long-time Windows user. This is completely understandable and Apple really doesn’t care to change

13 Things To Do After Installing Ubuntu 17.04

Brief: This article shows you essential things to do after installing Ubuntu 17.04 to give you a better and smooth experience with the freshly installed Ubuntu 17.04. اوبونتو 17.04 is knocking on the door. By now, you must have seen the new features in Ubuntu 17.04

A 'Fallout' Board Game Is Releasing This November

Fallout is finally getting an official board game. Called Fallout: Wasteland Warfare, the latest game from Modiphius will feature a ton of high-quality miniatures of iconic Fallout characters and monsters. Fallout: Wasteland Warfare takes heavy inspiration from Fallout 4. Players complete missions to earn Caps that

Honor 8 Pro Review: In Depth

The Good Great value Gorgeous screen Slick performance Feature-packed The Bad Seriously big Camera has flaws Honor 8 Pro review: Honor has just upgraded and super-sized the original Honor 8 smartphone and the result is the super-premium Honor 8 نرم افزار. This may be Honor's most expensive