Month: فوریه 2015

Google Ads vs Facebook Ads

If you run an online store, you certainly can’t be handing out fliers in a crowded marketplace hoping for sales and success – an online store, needs online ads! Google ads and Facebook ads are a good (and potentially lucrative) way to begin. در این مقاله…

Make Your Own Website Ucoz Free Website Builder

Web site is a very essential for any company without respect of establishment. Using a website a company can able to provide its services very easily. Website allows your business worldwide. Now a day every blogger wants to build his own website Ucoz Free Website Builder for his

Tips to Increase Google Adsense Revenue

Every Blogger of making money through the Adsense has to remember that the one of the most important thing is acquiring some important attractive Ads to be placed in you blog. Then only you can earn more. The placement of advertisements is a main accept to

دروپال 8 Videos You Need To Watch

I searched far and wide to bring you great Drupal 8 presentations. These videos provide great examples of where Drupal is headed, why change is important and what you can expect from Drupal 8 و فراتر. DriesAustin Keynote Dries provides insight into the future of

How to Get 10x More Retweets on Twitter

We have a pretty good idea of Twitter best practices: post regularly, don’t overuse hashtags, keep your tweets short enough for retweets, و غیره. We even know that a good mix of images and video will help boost engagement. Yet every few months, I like to look

آپاچی شروع مسائل بر روی ویندوز 8.1

من به تازگی WAMP در Windows8.1 نصب و نصب و راه اندازی خوب پیش رفت. پس از نصب, هنگام تلاش برای شروع سرور آپاچی, متوجه شدم که سرور آپاچی درست شروع نمی شد و متضاد با چیزی از پیش نصب شده بر روی کامپیوتر من. در نگاه اول بسیار فکر کردم ممکن است…