Month: ممکن است 2014

Native Win32 Linux Commands for Windows 7

I was just scouring the web to look for an equivalent to the Linux touch command on Windows 7 and landed on this goldmine. A set of native Win32 Linux commands! This is a better option than running Cygwin since applications run on native (that word again)

سوالات خود در مورد وردپرس مدیریت ورود

Charles asks… trouble (admin login URL doesn’t workPLEASE HELP? Hey there, My site is and I have been using to login which now redirects to and I have no idea why!!! I updated the Custom Community theme my blog uses

Exclude Images (attachments) From Search Results

به صورت پیش فرض, WordPress includes every post types on its search results pages. That includes, پست ها, attachments, pages and others. مثلا, if one searches for the term ‘Wordpress’ on a WordPress site, which has the default settings, all post types that include the word ‘Wordpress’ will