Every Trailer Released During EA Play 2017

Electronic Arts’ E3 2017 presentation, EA Play, has concluded and they showed off a ton of new trailers with new information for some of the hottest upcoming video games coming this year.

We got the usual EA Sports games like FIFA 18 with its second year story mode, Madden 18 brings its first story mode and NBA Live 18 ’s return. Fans also got to see the return of Star Wars: Battlefront, Need for Speed and the first DLC for Battlefield 1.

EA also had two new games announced during EA Play in A Way Out and Anthem.

For your viewing pleasure, and convenience, here’s every video trailer shown during EA Play 2017.


The big draw for EA Play 2017 was Star Wars: Battlefront 2 , the sequel to the hit shooter from 2016. After taking some hard criticisms with the lack of content in the first game, Battlefront 2 looks to bring what fans have been waiting for.

This includes an offline single-player campaign, and multiplayer action that looks like Call of Duty set in the Star Wars universe.

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The surprise new IP from EA was formally announced during EA Play 2017. A quick teaser trailer was released revealing Anthem to the world. More information on Anthem will be presented during the Microsoft press conference.

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The first DLC for Battlefield 1 was revealed as In the Name of the Czar, which will bring a whole new front, armies and weapons for players to use.

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Madden returns with a brand new game mode that tells the story of a former high school football star who tries to make it to the NFL.

Longshot mode will be the first story mode for the Madden franchise and EA is billing it as a story that you can play.

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One of the biggest selling games in the world, FIFA 18 brings improved graphics and better mechanics to the gameplay as well as the return of The Journey Mode. However, the Nintendo Switch version of the game won’t be getting this story mode.

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After a year off, EA said that they build NBA Live 18 from the ground up with improved mechanics and graphics.

The big new feature is The One mode where players can play on and off the court.

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Hot off the wheels of The Fast and the Furious franchise, Need for Speed: Payback puts players in the front seat as you pull off amazing stunts to rob trucks and stop pursuers.

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A brand new game from Hazelight Studios, this co-op game has you and your partner control two inmates who try to survive and escape prison. And then when they get out, how do they stay out of the cops’ reach?

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So which of the new trailers from EA Play piqued your interest? Let us know your thoughts on all the tiles in the comments section below.


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