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Kuidas paigaldada Ubuntu Touch oma Android seade

Canonical, Ubuntu’s parent company at one time was developing an operating system for Android devices. They called this move a way to “disrupt the industry” and change the way we use mobile phones by bringing a full Linux desktop to mobile. After a few years, they

Fujitsu arendab kantavad, käed-vabad kontekstide

Fujitsu teatas arendamise uus kantavad seade, mille eesmärk on hõlbustada frictionless suhtluseks Jaapani kõlarid ja külalistele Jaapanisse. It expects the device to be particularly useful in healthcare and claims it has achieved a world first in wearable, hands-free speech translation.

GnuBee: Isiklik blobfree NAS/Cloud serveri häkkerid

GnuBee is a personal NAS (Network Attached Storage) cloud server that is currently being funded on Crowd Supply. It is a low-cost, low-power, NAS device that runs GNU/Linux and it is claimed to be based on free, libre, and open source software. No proprietary drivers needed