OnePlus ofrece cable USB-C, reembolsos del adaptador

The devices “are safe to use with the OnePlus 2, but are not exactly playing nice with non-OnePlus devices.

OnePlus 2

OnePlus está ofreciendo reembolsos en sus cables de carga y adaptador USB-C luego de que un ingeniero de Google advirtiera que podrían ser peligrosos.

The devices “are safe to use with the OnePlus 2,” OnePlus said, but they’re not exactly playing nice with non-OnePlus devices.

“Many of you have bought them to use with your other USB Type-C devices. That may be fine, but depending on the devices and power sources you’re using them with we can’t guarantee full compatibility with those products,” OnePlus co-founder Carl Pei wrote in a mensaje del foro.

Como resultado, OnePlus lo hará ofrecer reembolsos en productos USB-C comprados en su sitio web. Los cables incluidos en la caja con su OnePlus 2 no son elegibles ya que OnePlus los considera seguros.

Los clientes en América del Norte y Europa pueden presentar su solicitud en línea; aquellos en India y China pueden llevar su cable o adaptador a un centro de reparación OnePlus. La oferta es válida hasta diciembre 31.

“In the meantime, our team has already begun developing improved Type-C cables and adapters,” Pei said. “We’ll keep you posted when they’re ready for release.”

The move comes after Google engineer Benson Leung warned people not to buy the OnePlus USB-C cables. “It is not spec compliant (uses a 3A identifier resistor instead of the “Default USB Power” one), and may cause damage to your charger, hub, or PC USB port” on the Chromebook Pixel, Nexus 6P, or Nexus 5X, he escribió en Google+.

Leung ha sido revisando cables USB tipo C de terceros on Amazon after he became fed up with early cables from third-party vendors “that so blatantly flaunt the specification.”

“I want to hold them to task,” he said earlier this month.

According to Pei, the issue with the USB-C devices from OnePlus is that “our cable and adapter use a 10kΩ resistor, but according to version 1.1 of the Type-C port standard, these products should be using a 56kΩ resistor.

“The cable and adapter are designed for a maximum of 2 amps of power, but the resistor will allow fast-charging devices to try to draw more power than a power source may allow,” he continued. “This could result in damage to the power source (third-party charger, USB port, etc.) if the device and power source do not have an internal mechanism to self-regulate the amount of power flowing to or from them.”

Para aquellos que quieren un dispositivo OnePlus, mientras tanto, la compañía está abandonando su proceso de solo invitación para Black Friday y permitiendo que cualquiera compre uno ahora hasta noviembre 30. La compañía es de venta su OnePlus 2 y OnePlus X teléfonos inteligentes, así como otros accesorios.

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