Enable classic start menu in Windows 8

Have you migrated to title="View all articles about Windows here">Windows 8, only to find out that Classic Start menu has been missing?
A lot of my friends are reluctant to upgrade to title="View all articles about Windows here">Windows 8 only because they heard and read all
the horror stories that is Windows 8.
They don’t know how good can Windows 8 be, and they don’t know
that security wise is better that windows 7, boot speed, virt. features…

There are also people like my friend who likes new start menu.
He loves it in fact. And that is good.
But what about remaining 99% of users?

Well, it’s quite simple, there are many products that bring Classic menu back,

Classic shell

One of my favorite is Classic shell.
Upon installation, you are presented with simple screen where you can choose type of Start button:

Start menu looks indeed very similar to windows 7 menu:

It’s a solid choice, I have never had a problem using it. You can get it here


Start menu 8


It resembles original menu quite well, again solid choice.

You can get it from here

Pokki start menu

Just by the name you know it’s something special.


Instead of Windows colour theme, it uses it’s own theme, fonts also differ from from Windows standard.
But what else makes Pokki special? It has it’s own App store, you can install & buy many apps like Facebook, Angry birds, twitter, gmail….and buy games if you want to play.


The question is, do you want that feature? Not for the enterprises, but young people coud like it. And maybe you can find some use for it at home.

You can get Pokki from here



Last on the list, Start8 is developed by a well know company Stardock which specialises in desktop utility software, it’s also commercial, you can buy it for $4.99.
I have heard for some companies that are planning migration to Windows 8 in combination with Start8.


Again, solid choice, but more so suitable for enterprises where support is required.
You can get it from here

I am sure there are many more, but this ones quite popular and they do it’s purpose well.
The point is, if Windows 8 start menu was keeping you for using Windows 8, now you can give it a go.
Enable classic start menu in Windows 8? – no problem

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