Ubuntu 17.10 Περίτεχνη Aardvark ελευθερώνω πρόγραμμα & Ημερομηνία

Ubuntu 17.10 Artful Aardvark release schedule. Know the name of Ubuntu 17.10. Ubuntu 17.10 will be delivered in October 2017, designated 17.10. Ubuntu 17.10 is to be called Artful Aardvark. The Artful is an adjective which means skilful and and Aardvark is a nocturnal badger-sized burrowing mammal of Africa. It is the only living species of the order Tubulidentata, although other prehistoric.

Ubuntu 17.10 Πρόγραμμα απελευθέρωσης

  • June 29th Alpha 1 (για το opt-in γεύσεις)
  • August 24th FeatureFreeze, Προειδοποίηση /! Debian Import Freeze
  • August 31st Beta 1 Freeze (for opt-in flavors; Monday), Βήτα 1 (για το opt-in γεύσεις)
  • September 14th UserInterfaceFreeze
  • September 21st DocumentationStringFreeze
  • September 28th Final Beta Freeze (Monday), Προειδοποίηση /! Final Beta
  • October 5th KernelFreeze, Προειδοποίηση /! NonLanguagePackTranslationDeadline
  • October 12th FinalFreeze, Προειδοποίηση /! ReleaseCandidate, Προειδοποίηση /!
  • LanguagePackTranslationDeadline
  • October 19th FinalRelease, Ubuntu Ubuntu 17.10

According to release schedule note:

Freezes normally happen at 2100 UTC, to permit overnight builds to include the last content. Please make sure all changes have been uploaded before then unless agreed to by the release team.
Σε γενικές γραμμές, October releases follow a 25-week schedule, while April releases follow a 27-week schedule, to compensate for year-end holidays (non-LTS releases might break this cycle to wiggle things a bit).


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