Display My Computer, Recycle Bin Icon on Windows 10 Desktop

Windows 10 might hit the PC market by 29th July 2015. This is another major new Operating System from Microsoft with several interface and display changes after specially Windows 8 flop. If you start using Windows 10 from Windows 7 or XP directly, then you would be seeing completely different appearance and screen options. Windows 8.1 users may not feel the big difference, but still there are considerable changes in Windows 10 compared to Windows 8/8.1. In this small guide, we show you how to display the missing My Computer icon on the Windows 10 desktop, and the Recycle bin – another important icon in the desktop. This post had been updated from earlier version due to the changes in Windows 10 build 10074 and later.

My Computer, that is called ‘This PC’ in Windows 10 is an essential icon to access the local drives, USB disks, CD/DVD drives and other files. Definitely you will be surprised by not seeing this most frequent used icon in Windows Operating Systems. Nothing to worry, it was hidden and we need to show the My computer icon on Windows 10 desktop as how we did for Windows 8.1.

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How to Display My Computer Icon (This PC) on Windows 10 Desktop

This is very similar to our earlier guide for Windows 8.1. We will be showing how to pin the My Computer icon to start menu and start in Windows 10 additionally here.

1) To show/display the My computer icon, right click on the empty space in the desktop. Click on ‘Personalize’.

Right click on the desktop

2) With the current version of Windows 10 build, follow these steps. Click on ‘Themes’ on the Personalization settings and ‘Go to desktop icon settings’ shown below.

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Personalization settings in Windows 10

Tick the ‘Computer’ to show it in desktop. Luckily the ‘Recycle Bin’ is already ticked, if you can’t see the Recycle Bin or it is missing from the Windows 10 desktop, this is the first place you have to check and enable it.

show my computer icon on Windows 10

3) Now the ‘This PC’ or ‘My Computer’ icon would appear on the desktop.

Pin My Computer Icon to Start Menu and Start List in Windows 10

As you know, start menu has returned in Windows 10- the most missed feature in Windows 8 and 8.1. But by default My computer icon is not included in start menu. You can follow below method to pin it (This PC) icon to start menu and list.

Right Click on the ‘This PC’ icon after you have enabled it to display in the desktop. Select Pin to Start List or Start.

pin my computer to start menu in Windows 10

So, this is what happens when you select ‘Start’ and ‘Start List’.

start list in Windows 10

If you want to hide all icons from desktop in Windows 10, here is the way.

Right Click on the empty space in desktop, select View and remove ‘Show desktop icons’ to hide all icons from desktop. You can enable back to show all icons in desktop again.

show all desktop icons in Windows 10

Hope this guide would be helpful in displaying My computer and Recycle Bin icons on Windows 10 Desktop and start list.



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