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Installere G'MIC 2.0 Plugin til GIMP i Ubuntu Linux via PPA

Install G’MIC plugin for GIMP image editor in Ubuntu Linux. G’MIC is a full featured GIMP Plugin for image processing. Den nyeste version, G’MIC 2.0 comes with a new versatile interface, based on Qt. It also brings smart coloring, an original automatic line-art coloring filter. G’MIC

Top 5 WordPress Plugins til SEO

One of the greatest benefits of using WordPress as a CMS is that there are so many free plugins available for WordPress that will totally beef up and streamline the SEO of any site. When looking for plugins to boost your SEO, it can be a

Top 10 Social Media Plugins til WordPress

    In order to drive more social media traffic to your WordPress blog, you will love these WordPress social media plugins. These plugins will let you add a beautiful set of social share buttons on your posts which will encourage your visitors to share your

17 WordPress Plugins til at oprette indhold

The right set of WordPress plugins can help create content that engages readers and drives traffic. Here is a list of plugins to help create content for your WordPress website. There are editorial applications, tools for adding images and video, plugins to add polling and quizzes,

8 Væsentlige WordPress Plugins din hjemmeside skal Have

WordPress, what a CMS right? So many available plugins, temaer, and tutorials. Mere end 27% of world websites are powered by a WordPress CMS. A staggering statistic which kinda indicates the level of functionality and flexibility it offers to webmasters. A complete website solution with an

11 Gratis Backup Plugins til WordPress

If you run a WordPress website, routinely backing it up is one of the most important things you can do to prevent disaster. Heldigvis, there are a number of free plugins that will help you safeguard your website. Here is a list of free backup plugins

13 Gmail Plugins, der letter klientkommunikation

How much time do you spend on email each week? According to a recent survey from Adobe, the average American professional spends about six hours a day checking email — Det er 30 hours during the work week. That’s a lot of time spent on unbillable tasks

5 Væsentlige WordPress Plugins

All WordPress developers have a list of their favorite plugins that they won’t create a new WordPress build without. Here are some of our favorite plugins to add to our WordPress projects: 1. Yoast Yoast isn’t your average SEO plugin. In addition to it allowing you

6 Bedste Rich Snippets Plugins til WordPress – gennemgik

Hver boardadministrator har til formål at levere indhold, der henvender sig til et publikum med visse optimeringer til at øge deres webtrafik fra Google. En proportional forholdet eksisterer mellem web trafik engagement og en hjemmeside monetære afkast. Af denne grund, most web page owners look to increase

Rhythmbox 3.4 Udgivet med nye Web-Remote Plugin

A new version of Rhythmbox, the oft-overlooked desktop music app preinstalled on Ubuntu, er nu tilgængelig for download. Rhythmbox 3.4 features a new web remote control plugin. This feature, GNOME say, “Provides a simple interface to control playback, and soon will be able to stream the