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Sådan tjekke din Google Assistant historie

With just a few clicks it's possible to delve into the history of your Google Assistant to see all the commands you've issued, the replies it's given, and hear audio recordings of exactly what it heard. Here's how to do it. There are two ways to

LinkedIn AutoFyld plugin bug venstre brugerdata udsat

  The flaw, now patched, could have allowed attackers to steal personal data undetected An AutoFill plugin offered to LinkedIn members was affected by a bug that could have allowed an attacker to steal users' personal data. The feature, which is offered to paying customers of

VMware opdaterer vSphere og VSAN til multi-cloud-miljøer

  Enhancements to vSphere mean it's faster to complete processes and roll out updates or patches VMware has updated its vSphere and vSAN products, introducing compatibility with multi-cloud hybrid environments. VMware Sphere 6.7 crosses the boundaries between on-premise and public cloud environments, offering visibility and management

Pandora Premium nu tilgængelig på Xbox One

Pandora's $9.99 Premium subscription service is now available on Xbox One. The service, which has been limited to Pandora's mobile apps and web player for months, will now let you pick and choose what you want to listen to while you game. Premium is the music

Samsung lancerer hurtig ny 970 serie NVMe SSD'er

Samsung today unveiled its latest pair of solid state drives (SSD), and they're both as speedy as it gets. As if designed to answer Western Digital's new drives introduced earlier this month, Samsung's new 970 serien, which includes the 970 Pro and Evo NVMe SSDs, kick