Måned: September 2016

Nintendos Famicom Mini konsol er på vej til Japan

Tidligere denne sommer, Nintendo announced that it will be relaunching its iconic NES console in the U.S. on November 11th. The NES Classic Edition will come with 30 games pre-installed, including classics like Super Mario Bros, The Legend of Zelda, Donkey Kong, og meget mere. Nu, japansk…

USB-IF udgiver lyd over USB Type C specifikationer

The USB Implementers Forum this week published the USB Audio Device Class 3.0 specifikation, which standardizes audio over USB Type-C interface. The new spec enables hardware makers to eliminate traditional 3.5mm mini-jacks from their devices and use USB-C ports to connect headsets and other audio equipment.

Firefox blokerer hjemmesider med sårbare krypteringsnøgler

For at beskytte brugere mod kryptografiske angreb, der kan kompromittere sikre web-forbindelser, den populære Firefox-browseren vil blokere adgangen til HTTPS servere, der bruger svage Diffie-Hellman nøgler. Diffie-Hellman is a key exchange protocol that is slowly replacing the widely used RSA key agreement for the TLS

Sådan ændres standard apps i Android Nougat

One of Android’s strengths is that you can choose a default app for specific actions. You can enable any third-party browser, sms-app, telefon, or home screen launcher to be the default app always used for those actions. The process for changing this has been nicely

FIFA 17 anmeldelse

It’s been 23 years since FIFA International Soccer, the first FIFA game, blev udgivet. For more than two decades, EA has taken its most successful product, tweaked it slightly, added a few marketing phrases and released new annual editions to huge success. Often it’s little more

Fedora For begyndere: Chapeau Linux 24 Udgivet

Chapeau is a beginner focused Fedora based Linux distribution. Chapeau Linux has released its new version 24 for nylig. Som navnet antyder, Chapeau 24 is based on Fedora 24. So you can expect most, Hvis ikke alle, Fedora 24 features in Chapeau 24 samt. Jeg vil…

Sådan installere MediaWiki på en Ubuntu 16.04 VPS

  In this tutorial we are going to provide you with step by step instructions on how to install MediaWiki on an Ubuntu 16.04 VPS. MediaWiki is an open-source wiki software written in PHP. På tidspunktet for at skrive denne tutorial, the latest stable version of