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gwin 3.0 Released with Direct3D 10 ac 11 Cymorth

The Wine team announced the new stable release Wine 3.0 a day ago a large number of improvements and following great changes: Direct3D 10 ac 11 cymorth. The Direct3D command stream. The Android graphics driver. Improved DirectWrite and Direct2D support. “because of the annual release schedule,

MKVToolNix 20.0.0 Released with mkvinfo Rewritten

MKVToolNix, free and open-source Matroska software, reached 20.0.0 release a day ago. Dyma sut i osod mewn Ubuntu 16.04, Ubuntu 17.10. MKVToolNix 20.0.0 fixed quite a number of bugs in mkvmerge, and removed those options and features deprecated a year ago. An important change was

Spotify is now available as a Snap app on Ubuntu

Spotify is now available as a Snap app on Ubuntu and other Snap-supporting Linux distributions. Despite this launch Spotify say Linux is still not a platform they actively support The package means it’s now more convenient for fans of Spotify to install the official client on

Linux Mint 19 Dyddiad rhyddhau & Features

The name and approximate release date of Linux Mint 19 have been revealed. The next major release of the popular Ubuntu-based Linux operating system will be called Linux Mint 19 “Tara”. Ydw, Tara. The codename is firmly in keeping with other Linux Mint releases, all of

Wine Reached the Stable 2.0.4 rhyddhawyd

A new maintenance release for the Wine 2.0 stable series was released a few days ago on Jan 2. gwin 2.0.4 ships with a total of 31 bug-fixes, including fixes to Mixcraft 8, Magic Online, PhotoFiltre. There are also updates for National Language Support files and

Fel at Gorsedda MPV 0.28.0 yn Ubuntu 18.04, 16.04

Cyrhaeddodd MPV chwaraewr cyfryngau y 0.28.0 rhyddhau ychydig ddiwrnodau yn ôl. Dyma sut i osod trwy CPA mewn Ubuntu 18.04, Ubuntu 16.04. MPV 0.28.0 ei gwneud yn ofynnol FFmpeg 3.4 a nodweddion d3d11 cychwynnol a chefnogaeth vulkan. Other changes include: Add DRM_PRIME Format Handling and Display for RockChip

9 Pethau i'w gwneud ar ôl Gosod Ubuntu 17.10

Brief: Here are the essential things to do after installing Ubuntu 17.10 in order to give you a better and smooth experience after the fresh install of Ubuntu 17.10. Ubuntu 17.10 is about to be released. By now, you must have seen the new features in

HPLIP 3.17.10 Released with 2 New Scanners Support

HPLIP, an open-source HP developed Linux drivers for HP printers, has reached the 3.17.10 release. Two new scanners and Debian 9.1 are supported in the release. New scanners supported in HPLIP 3.17.10: HP Scanjet Enterprise Flow N9120 fn2 Document Scanner HP Digital Sender Flow 8500 fn2

BunsenLabs Linux Deuterium reviewToo much work

  Today, we venture away from the more common, more popular and explore the slightly more niche (or nicher)BunsenLabs, the spiritual and material successor to CrunchBang, a lightweight distro based on Debian and running Openbox. I do not know why CrunchBang was EOL-ed, but

7 Best eBook Readers for Linux

Brief: In this article, we are covering some of the best ebook readers for Linux. These apps give a better reading experience and some will even help in managing your ebooks. Lately, the demand for digital books has increased as people find it more comfortable in

Diweddariad i'r cnewyllyn Linux 4.14-rc4 ar Ubuntu

Cnewyllyn Linux 4.14-rc4 rhyddhau. Diweddariad i'r cnewyllyn 4.14-rc4 ar systemau Ubuntu Linux. Daw cnewyllyn Linux 4.14-rc4 amryw welliannau mewn caledwedd a phensaernïaeth. NT i anghofio'r gwelliannau rhwydweithio a ffeil. Linux Kernel 4.14-rc4 Announcing the release of Linux Kernel 4.14-rc4, Linus Torvalds writes: “Another week, another -rc.

Install Yarock Music Player on Linux Ubuntu

Install Yarock music player on Linux Ubuntu. Yarock is a music player in c++/Qt designed to provide a clean, simple and beautiful music collection based on album coverart. Yarock is a modern looking music player, packed with features, that doesn’t depend on any specific desktop environment.

Installing Timeshift into Linux Mint 18.2 non-BTRFS

In a previous article it was stated that the next version of Linux Mint would include a piece of software called Timeshift, a very popular and powerful backup utility. Fodd bynnag, currently Timeshift is not included with Linux Mint, and so an article about how to install