How to customize copy of user’s profile using USMT 4.0

UEL option in USMT is to exclude user’s profile according to last logon date. We can exclude it by number of days, a specific date or any currently logged on user.
UE option allows us to exclude user profiles from being migrated based on their name. It supports both domain and local users.
  • To exclude Sally user profile: SCANSTATE.EXE /ue:*Sally
  • To exclude test domain user named Sally: SCANSTATE.EXE /ue:TestSally*
  • To exclude any profile not logged in more than 100 days: SCANSTATE.EXE /uel:100
  • To exclude any profile those have not been logged on since 2010/06/01:                               SCANSTATE.EXE /uel:2010/06/01