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10 Open Source CMS for Building e-Commerce Sites

There are a few solutions in building an e-Commerce website that contain all the utilities and features for convenient online shopping such as product catalog, stock control, shopping cart, as well as payment gateways. You can go with the hosted e-Commerce route, banking on Shopify or

How to run DOS applications in Linux

Chances are that most of you reading along those lines have started your “adventure” in computers through DOS. Although this long deprecated operating system is only running in our memories anymore, it will always hold a special place in our hearts. To řekl, some of you

Jak se k odemknutí BitLocker šifrován Flash disk

Protecting the data on your flash drive using BitLocker drive encryption is a smart move to ensure that your personal information is not available to anyone who gets their hands on your drive. I když to dělá nějakou dobu trvat, než šifrování dat, after the initial

Installing Squid on Ubuntu 14.04 as Caching Proxy Server

Squid is a popular caching proxy for web servers that can reduce network bandwidth and improve application response times. Squid optimizes web traffic by caching frequently requests content to memory, freeing your web servers from having to reprocess requests. Since the request is served from Squid’s

Twitter právě vydali nativní Windows 10 aplikace

We’re not even done with launch day, and it already looks like Windows 10 is getting the ball rolling with third-party software: Twitter just launched a native app for the operating system. Without requiring you to log in, the app showcases top trending tweets, photos and