Creating Restore point in Windows 8

System Restore is an old and useful Windows application that can restore your system and settings to a previous state. You can create Restore Points in Windows in a number of ways. Every time you install new software, Windows automatically creates a new Restore Point. You can also manually create Restore Points in Windows.


1. In Control Panel, Click System and then Click system Protection.

system restore 1

2. In System Protection Tab, Click Create option to create restore point.

system restore 2

3. Give the restore point a name then Click Create.

system restore 3

4. The creation process is illustrated.

system restore 4

5. Restore point successfully created.

system restore 5

Restoring Your System

6. Click System Restore option.

system restore 6

7. The System Restore Wizard is opened, Click Next.

system restore 7

8. Select the restore point you want to use and then click Next.

system restore 8

9. Click Finish.

system restore 9

10. You are prompted to confirm the operation, Click Yes.

system restore 10

11. System restore will prepare the restore operation and then restart your system.

system restore 11

12. After you login to your system, you’ll see a dialog box System Restore Completed Successfully.

system restore 12

Undo Your Restore point

13. Click on System Restore Point option.

system restore 13

14. The System Restore screen now contains an Undo System Restore option, Click Next.

system restore 14


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