Create and Edit PDF Files with Word 2013 [How-To]

You might have tried  different tools available for free and paid in online market place to create and edit the pdf files. So many of those tools come with some limitations in using of those tools either for creating or for editing and some some tools even for just reading the files. And there are some tools which also come with adware like a bonus offer to kill our computer. If you are messed up those tools then check out this post to edit and create the pdf files from Microsoft Word 2013.

So many people use Microsoft Word 2013 every day, However most of them are not aware of the latest features that Microsoft had included in Word 2013. Among the one of the best features added by Microsoft, Saving and Editing the PDF is really cool.

Here in this post you will be knowing how you can edit and create the pdf files with Word 2013.

Creating PDF Documents with Word 2013

Creating PDF documents on Word 2013 is same as creating the normal doc files, that you do every day. It only differs at the last step. Follow these steps to create PDF

Edit PDF files Online With Google DOCS

  • Open your Word 2013
  • Now create your document as you do normally every day.
  • Now Click on File (Alt+F) and Click on Save as (Select the proper place on your computer to save the file)
  • Now from the dropdown menu of save as type select the PDF format as shown in below image.
  • And you can define the size of your document based on your purpose. If you are publishing the file online then the file will be compressed to maximum extent, Else you normal size with high quality.Choose your best option and click on save.



That’s it now you are done. You have created the PDF file version of your document Now it is ready for publishing online or for sharing with friends.


Editing PDF Documents with Word 2013

When you can create, You can also edit. Editing the PDF file is same as just like you edit the normal doc file as you do everyday.


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