‘Crash Arena Turbo Stars’ Best Cars And Weapon Combos: Tips Guide For Building An Opponent-Crashing Machine

Wondering which cars are best in Crash Arena Turbo Stars? Check out this cheat guide of our favorite and best car builds, weapons and combos to help you get promoted in the game.

ZeptoLabs hit game Crash Arena Turbo Stars (C.A.T.S) is an exciting new car building (and breaking) game that has taken the app store by storm. If you’ve just started playing the game, you know how addictive is it, as well as how difficult it can be to build a car that holds up against a wide variety of defenders. We’ve been playing the game for a few days now, and while we can’t claim to have it all figured out, we have found a number of car builds and weapon combinations that seem to have the greatest levels of success. Below we’ve put together a guide to the best cars, weapons and gadget combos we’ve found so far. As we move up the ranks and find more great builds, we’ll keep adding to the list, or if you have a great build of your own to share, send it to [email protected] and we’ll add it to the post, with a hat tip to you for sharing.

In addition, if you are a new player and are looking for some tips and tricks to help you win more battles and get promoted, check out our C.A.T.S. Beginner’s Strategy Guide, here.

Crash Arena Turbo Stars Best Cars, Weapons And Gadget Combos

Before we get started, let’s do a quick overview of the different chassis you can unlock. We’ll then take a look at some combinations that work well together. For the sake of simplicity, we’ll only be discussing items available below Stage 10.

C.A.T.S. Chassis Types

Classic – this build is solid and often a favorite of mine as it is weighted well and with low tires doesn’t turn over as easily. It also has the potential to flip other cars without a forklift if used with a low wheel in the front that tips the sharp nose downward.

Sneaky – this is a lightweight tiny build that often has wheels in good places. Short enough you can use pretty much every weapon with it.

Titan – tall and often has great health, but tips really easy. Best to come up with a strategy for attacking even when tipped

Surfer – Large and often has great tons of health. Can be very resistant to turn over with the right wheels and can often get underneath an opponent with its pointed front.

Boulder – This round ball is certain to topple over, so use that to your advantage. Sometimes, it’s best without wheels.

Crash Arena Turbo Stars Best Cars: 5 Builds To Help You Get Ahead

Here are a few favorite builds we’ve had a lot of success with. You may need to tweak them a little here and there to suit your needs, but these builds generally yielded multiple wins for us.

Car #1 – Titan Blade

crash arena turbo stars best car c.a.t.s best cars weapons tips tricks cheats guide - titan blade Crash Arena Turbo Stars Best Cars: "Titan Blade"

So, the Titan is notorious for falling over. Therefore, you really need to find a way to use this to your advantage. One of the best ways to do that is to combine the Titan build with a Blade tool. Because of the Titan’s shape, when it falls over, the Blade is still able to do damage to your opponent. You can use the Titan with or without wheels. I put wheels on mine generally because it boosts the health of the vehicle overall.

Car #2 – Boulder Forklift Blade

crash arena turbo stars best car c.a.t.s best cars weapons tips tricks cheats guide boulder blade forklift Crash Arena Turbo Stars Best Cars: Boulder Forklift Blade

The Boulder can be a frustrating build if you don’t know how to use it. Much like the Titan, this one topples easily. The great thing about it though, is it’s rounded shape and small size. You can use pretty much every tool on in. In this combo I managed to get a fairly powerful Boulder with slots for a weapon and a gadget. I combined the Blade with the Forklift and then stuck a large back wheel on it. The wheel can actually help you move quickly and get flipped around. No matter if your car gets flipped or flopped, with the Blade it’s going to continue to damage your opponent. The Boulder is so small that equipping a forklift as well gives you an extra chance to flip your opponent, stopping their ability to damage you. The forklift works no matter which way you are laying in this build. I don’t think they wheels you add really matter. I just chose the ones with the most health.

Car #3 – Surfer Stinger

crash arena turbo stars best car c.a.t.s best cars weapons tips tricks cheats guide surfer stinger Crash Arena Turbo Stars Best Cars - Surfer Stinger

So this particular car worked out well for me, I think mainly because of where the wheels and weapon positions are. With the mid-size wheel in back and tiny wheel in front, this car doesn’t tip easily and can sometimes even get out of a forklift. The stinger is long so it makes a great tool that starts doing damage quickly. The pointed front of this body type can also prevent you from taking damage sometimes if an opponent has a short, low tool. The angle of the front wheel allows your Surfer to dip the Stinger weapon downwards and sometimes the motion will cause your opponent to flip over.

Car #4 – Sneaky Stinger

crash arena turbo stars best car c.a.t.s best cars weapons tips tricks cheats guide sneaky stinger Crash Arena Turbo Stars Best Cars - Sneaky Stinger

This car is tiny but with the big back wheel and tiny front wheel, it doesn’t ever tip over and usually won’t be picked up by cars with a forklift. With a forklift of your own equipped it usually gets locked with the opponent’s forklift and you all fight hanging slightly in the air. The low slant of the front wheel also makes the Stinger able to damage pretty much any enemy it comes across. The low nose on the vehicle also causes it to sometimes topple an opponent even before your forklift does. One downside is that it is so lightweight it doesn’t have a ton of push, but still, it manages to accumulate a lot of wins for me.

Car #5 – Classic Rocket

crash arena turbo stars best car c.a.t.s best cars weapons tips tricks cheats guide classic rocket Crash Arena Turbo Stars Best Cars - Classic Rocket

This car has tons of good power to push your enemy against the wall. The small front wheel and large back wheel push the nose to the ground and so this car won’t topple over. It also holds up against forklifts pretty nicely. With the sharp nose on it you can often flip your opponent even without a forklift equipped. I used a rocket here but it could be quite effective with the stinger or and blade as well.


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