Content transfer from one wordpress blog to another

Some times we may want to create new website from the content of our old website. In that case we want to do content transfer. The content may be posts or pages. We naturally create new website with the old content which is related to particular category. We can do content transfer from one word press blog to another. We can transfer posts, transfer pages or entire wordpress website content from one website to another. We can shift posts from one blog to another without any problem. We don’t need any extra plugin to move pages or posts from one word press website to another. Here I am giving you the step by step procedure for content transfer from one word press blog to another.

Content transfer from one wordpress blog to another

  • Go to dashboard of your first wordpress blog.
  • Click on tools
  • Click on export which is shown in below screen shot.


Content transfer


After clicking on Export, Export window will be opened as shown below. In this window you can choose what you want to transfer from your first wordpress blog to another wordpress blog. If you want to do entire content transfer check “All content”. If you want to move pages check pages. If you want to shift posts check posts. When you check on posts it will ask you to enter some details what you are seeing in below screen shot. Important thing is selecting category. Before this you need to do one thing. Place all the posts which you want to transfer in one category. That means you need to create any new category and place all the posts which you want to transfer in that category. Now come to this window select the category. Leave the remaining thing and click on “Download Export File”.


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<a rel=Content transfer" width="335" height="438" />

Now the XML file will be downloaded to your computer.

  • Go to your second wordpress blog’s dashboard to which you want to to content transfer.
  • Click on tools.
  • Click on import.
  • Import window will be opened as shown below.
  • Click on wordpress which is last option.


Content transfer

  • In next window click on “Install Now”.
  • Plugin will be installed. In next window Click on “Activate plugin & run importer”.
  • Click on “Choose file” in next window. Select the XML file from your computer which you had exported from previous wordpress website.
  • Click on “Update file and import”.
  • Now the import wordpress window will be opened which is shown in below screen shot.


transfer wordpress content


Leave the columns as it is.

  • Check “Download and import file attachment” which is under “Import Attachment”.
  • Click submit.

Now your content transfer has been done from first wordpress website to second wordpress website. These posts are displayed under same category which you transferred from first wordpress blog.

Here I need to mention very important thing. If your first website and second website are in the same hosting servers then you need not to worry. If first website is in another server and if you closed that hosting plan, images would not be displayed in second website. To solve this problem, before deleting posts or before closing first hosting plan you need to copy images and paste them in new servers. To copy images follow below procedure.

  • Go to dashboard of your first website.
  • Click on posts.
  • Click on all posts.
  • Go to any post, click on edit.
  • Copy single image at a time from editing window which is a visual editor of wordpress.
  • Go to your second website dashboard and open the same post. Click on edit.
  • Remove existing image. Go to add media, paste the copied image and click on insert into post.

Like this, copy all images from old website and paste them in new server.

If you are transferring the posts in same server you need not to do this.

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