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Facebook closes down 470 inauthentic ‘Russian’ comptes

Facebook has published an operational update looking closely at questions regarding Russian interference in the 2016 US electoral process. In particular it has discovered and closed down approx 470 ‘fakeFacebook accounts which were used to spend approx $100,000 on advertising between June 2015 and May

Facebook joc Auto-vídeos: Com girar-se so

Facebook has updated their mobile app and changed the way videos automatically play on your feed. Now these videos auto-play with sound. If you’re somewhere quiet, perhaps in a meeting or maybe a movie, you may not want to open up the app, unless you’re ok

How to get the Pride flag reaction on Facebook

Share some love on Facebook during Pride Month! Everyone at iMore loves, bé, l'amor. We also have Facebook accounts! If you’re celebrating Pride Month and have a Facebook account, you’ve already seen most of the account tweaks you can add, like temporary profile banners. Si vostè…

Funció última amics propers a Facebook

Nearby Friends feature on Facebook allows you to find your friend location when they are nearby. You can easily use Nearby Friends feature on Facebook at your smartphone.You can easily track your all Facebook friends real time location at your Smartphone. You can also quickly meet

Facebook Launches Facebook 360 App For VR Content

Facebook has dabbled in virtual reality technology in the past for its users and they’ll soon have an easier way to find VR content. Facebook announced Wednesday the launch of Facebook 360, an app that’ll exclusively highlight VR content from other Facebook pages and users. La…