Draconian YouTube Monetisation Changes

NOT Bad Actors YouTube has just announced that their YouTube Partner Program (YPP) will change its eligibility for signing up as a result of too many bad actors spoiling the fun for the rest of us and boy are there a few bad actors out there,

How To Clear YouTube Watch History

With the holidays and having some time off recently, I have been watching a lot more YouTube videos– plus, my son has his own channel and has started recording more. As a dad, I need to be supportive and make sure he is being good

Turn On Built-in Ransomware Protection In Windows 10

Several third-party anti-ransomware software are around to help you protect your data from ransomware. Many users are using third-party anti-ransomware protection like Acronis Ransomware Protection free to prevent ransomware from encrypting their data. If you are running version 1709 or greater version of Windows 10,