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PowerShell DSC and Puppet — Why It Is Not Either/Or

In this Ask the Admin, I’ll discuss why Puppet and DSC together is often the best configuration management solution in mixed Windows/Linux environments. If you are not familiar with Puppet, it is roughly equivalent to PowerShell Desired State Configuration (DSC), a PowerShell technology that’s built

Poblar l'Active Directory amb comptes d'usuari de prova

In this Ask the Admin, Vaig a utilitzar un script de PowerShell a poblar l'Active Directory amb comptes d'usuari de prova. Active Directory (AD) és el mecanisme d'autenticació d'usuari escollit en la majoria de les organitzacions i un component d'infraestructura clau que és fonamental per donar als usuaris accés a les aplicacions empresarials. A causa de…

Patch Tuesday January 2018

This month’s Patch Tuesday is one of the most interesting in a while. Not just because the patches Microsoft was preparing for release today came a week early, but also because of the potential issues these patches might cause. Patch Tuesday came early this month

Windows 10 New Way to Free Up Disk Space

Microsoft is gradually moving all of Window 10’s native setting UI from WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation) to UWP (Universal Windows Platform). This is in line with what Microsoft has been pushing towards since the introduction of Windows 10. The latest change comes to a new way