mes: Novembre 2015

Com canviar l'àlies en iOS Game Center

Game Center is an excellent feature in iOS that lets you challenge other players anywhere in the world. It’s because of this feature that games like Tall Chess and Letterpress are possible. The sheer joy of being able to challenge a random stranger to a game

Quina és la diferència entre un HDD i un SSD?

If you’re looking to build a PC, or perhaps ready to upgrade your laptop to a newer, més ràpid, more powerful model, you will likely have to familiarize yourself with the major components that collectively contribute to its power. The components depend on your needs which may

Com instal lar GIMP 2.8.16 a Ubuntu 16.04, 15.10, 14.04

Editor d'imatge GIMP 2.8.16 va ser llançat el seu 20è aniversari. Aquí és com instal·lar o actualitzar a Ubuntu 16.04, Ubuntu 15.10, Ubuntu 14.04, Ubuntu 12.04 i els seus derivats, p. ex., Linux Mint 17.x/13, OS Freya elemental. GIMP 2.8.16 presenta suport per a grups de capes OpenRaster de fitxers, correccions…

Com instal lar Wireshark 2.0 a Ubuntu 15.10 Astut

Wireshark has reached the new table 2.0 release recently and it has been made into Ubuntu 16.04′s official repositories. Here’s how to install Wireshark 2.0 a Ubuntu 15.10 using a PPA. Wireshark 2.0 features a completely new user interface that provides a smoother, faster user experience.

Instal·lar Client FeedReader RSS a OS Freya elemental

FeedReader is a modern desktop client for popular RSS-Web-Services such as TinyTinyRSS, ownCloud News or Feedly. The application features: Desktop notifications Fast search and filters Full articles instead of previews for known sites Tagging (plugin needed for Tiny Tiny RSS) Sharing to “read-it-later” services like Pocket

Flatabulous-millor tema plana per a Ubuntu

Flatabulous is a new GTK theme said to be the best flat theme for Ubuntu and other Gnome based Linux Systems. The theme is based on the Ultra-Flat theme. It was designed specially for the Unity environment on Ubuntu. Here are some screenshots: Like theme? Below

Freshdesk contra. Zendesk: Batalla de les taules d'ajuda

IT departments can respond to customer and employee requests faster and in more helpful detail—without the hassle of convoluted ticketing—when they're working within a fast, efficient help desk solution. Freshdesk and Zendesk are two of the most comprehensive help desks out there, but not all help

OnePlus Offers USB-C Cable, Adapter Refunds

The devices "are safe to use with the OnePlus 2, but are not exactly playing nice with non-OnePlus devices. OnePlus is offering refunds on its USB-C charging cables and adapter after a Google engineer warned that they could be dangerous. The devices "are safe to use