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How to Install GIMP 2.10 u Ubuntu 18.04, 17.10 via PPA

GIMP 2.10, a new major release of the most popular Linux image editing software, was announced a day ago with huge list of changes. The most notable changes in GIMP 2.10 include: Nearly fully ported to GEGL, allowing high bit depth processing, multi-threaded and hardware accelerated

How to Install Sopcast Player in Ubuntu 18.04

This quick tutorial is going to show you how to install Sopcast Player in Ubuntu 18.04 LTS. SopCast Player is designed to be an easy to use Linux GUI front-end for the p2p streaming technology developed by SopCast. There are a few PPAs contain the Sopcast

How to Install Notepad++ in Ubuntu 18.04/16.04 via Snap

For those who want to install Notepad++ text editor in Ubuntu, though there’s already a Linux alternative called Notepadqq, a snap package of Notepad plus plus running with Wine now is available. Snap is an universal Linux package format with almost all required libraries bundled in

Debian Linux 9.4 pušten i evo kako ga nadograditi

The Debian GNU/Linux project has released an updated version of its stable Linux distribution Debian 9 (“stretch”). You must upgrade to get corrections for security problem as this version made a few adjustments for the severe issue found in Debian version 9.3. Debian is a Unix-like

Linux paket Menadžeri

  Mi ćemo usporedite različite Menadžeri Linux paketa. Između svih Linux distribucija, jedna od stvari dijele je potreba da se moći instalirati novi softver paketa na sistem. Ovisno o distribuciji, razne paket menadžeri su na raspolaganju, omogućuje korisniku za instalaciju, upravljanje,…

To Ogroman GNOME Shell curenje memorije? To je to ugovore

GNOME Shell bug izvještaj Malo dobrih vijesti: na (prilično veliki) GNOME Shell curenje memorije smo u žiži interesa prošle sedmice je u procesu fiksnih. GNOME developeri su proveli proteklih tjedan dana ili tako pokušava identificirati korijen problema, što uzrokuje sistemske memorije…

Najbolji strip čitatelja za Linux

Brief: If you are fond of reading comic books on your desktop, you can use these comic book viewers for Linux. I used to be a huge fan of comic books. You might have grown reading Batman, Superman, X-Men etc, but I spent my childhood and

This Linux Malware Targets Unsecure Raspberry Pi Devices

Brief: Some Raspberry Pi devices are susceptible to a malware that enslaves the devices to mine cryptocurrency. If you are running a Raspberry Pi device with the default login credential, you are at risk. A Linux malware, Linux.MulDrop.14, that infects Raspberry Pi devices has been detected.

Terminal Commands To Check CPU Information On Linux

Terminal commands to check cpu information on Linux. Commands to get cpu information such as check cpu usage, command processor info, check cpu cores and memory info on Linux Ubuntu System. lscpu lscpu command displays information about the CPU architecture. lscpu gathers CPU architecture information from

How To Adjust Screen Brightness In Linux Ubuntu

How to adjust screen brightness in Linux Ubuntu Systems. Install Brightness Controller Utility and easily control brightness of Linux Ubuntu screen. Brightness Controller allows you to control Brightness of your Primary and Secondary Display in Linux. It is a software based dimmer. It allows you to